Our Campus

Picture of OCSC campus and sailboats When seasoned sailors name top sailing destinations in North America, San Francisco Bay always tops the list. Look in any direction from the Bay, and there's beauty: Marin's rugged, golden hills; San Francisco's signature skyline; and Golden Gate Bridge, the portal to the Pacific. But sailors needs more than legendary views -- we need legendary wind! When the Central Valley heats up and the warm air rises, it is replaced with cool air from the Pacific Ocean -- this is nature's famous San Francisco Bay wind machine, and it flows in a direct line from the Golden Gate to the OCSC campus. So when you leave our docks, you don't set out to find the wind, you just set your sails. Back on land we have a six-acre campus with complete sailing and meeting facilities.

Classroom picture at OCSC campus

Our Classrooms

Fully equipped for teaching, for meetings, for conferences. Located on the second floor with connection between rooms for larger events or activities. Equipped with a/v, meeting and communication equipment. Expert facilities staff and meeting planners.

Picture of OCSC clubroom

Our Clubroom

Great views, good company, warm conversation and the coffee's always on in the kitchen.

Picture of OCSC docks and service department

Our Docks and Service Department

Just beyond the OCSC building is the marina and the fleet. Three docks, 50 boats, and the fleet service department to keep everything ship shape.

OCSC store

Our Pro Shop and Store

We stock everything you need for sailing, and we only carry what we ourselves use and know to be the best. We're there to answer any questions you have about gear, make recommendations, and make sure your foulies fit.

OCSC Campus location

Our Location

Pretty hard to beat! OCSC is on San Francisco Bay, directly in the wind line of the legendary Golden Gate westerlies, next to a 100-acre park and two minutes from the freeway.

OCSC sailing facility - volleyball courtWe love to share our campus, so we host social, educational and corporate activities all year round. The OCSC Sailing facility is located adjacent to a 100-acre marine park with trails, open space and, of course, spectacular views in every direction. And, we're a two-minute drive from the freeway.

Pair our spectacular campus with a staff that continually wins local and national awards for excellent sail training and customer service, and you begin to get the spirit of OCSC Sailing.