Our Mission

"We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch it, we are going back from whence we came."
-- John F. Kennedy

We love sailing, but OCSC isn’t just about moving a boat across the water powered by wind and a knowledge of the sea. It’s about discovery and exploration, freedom and responsibility. And taking the helm both literally and figuratively.

People are drawn here for many reasons. For some, sailing is about personal growth and connection with nature. For others, it's about simpler things: meeting good people, sailing home with a fiery sunset over the stern or the wind and salt spray in your face. Many are drawn by what comes with comprehensive knowledge, deep experience and well-honed skillls -- the confidence that you can skipper a sailboat in any conditions anywhere in the world.

The truth is, sailing is all those things, but here at OCSC, it's also about inclusiveness. When Anthony founded OCSC in 1979, he set out to bring sailing to as many people as he could and to treat everyone he met as a friend. He still does, and that infectious spirit has remained an operating principle here.

Over the years, OCSC Sailing has evolved into something we didn’t expect but are profoundly grateful for: it's a community of sailors linked together by a love of sailing and strengthened by shared skills and profound experiences. Looking back, it makes sense. Everyone was treated like a friend, so we became friends. Anthony taught us that curiosity is better than judgment. So everyone is valued and has value.

The OCSC Sailing community wasn’t part of a business plan or a marketing strategy. It didn’t come out of a focus group. It just evolved naturally from people learning about sailing and about each other. They enjoyed it, so they came back for more; we enjoyed it, so we kept offering more.

Many things have changed over the years. Today, OCSC Sailing has lots of impressive numbers: 50 yachts, a 75-person team, a six-acre campus. Many regard OCSC as the number one sailing school in the country. But some things haven’t changed. It's still a friendly, welcoming place where sailors come from all over to meet, to sail, and to enjoy each other and the stunning beauty of the ocean and the wind. And, we still treat everyone like a friend.

We're sailors on a mission of discovery. Welcome aboard.

Anthony Sandberg, President OCSC
Anthony Sandberg, President

Richard Jepsen, CEO OCSC
Richard Jepsen, CEO

Max Fancher, CCO OCSC
Max Fancher, CCO