Jared Brockway

US Sailing Instructor

OCSC Office Staff - April TOn Board Since April 2014

Why do you sail?

I got into it because I thought it would be an interesting way to see the world. How you arrive at a place has a lot to do with how you see it. But then I got hooked on sailing for its own sake.

What drew you to working at OCSC? or what do you enjoy about working at OCSC?

- Good reputation
- Passion for sailing
- Word of mouth

What's your sailing background?

I grew up around boats and water, but never set foot on a sailboat before moving to San Francisco in 2006 when I joined at CAL Sailing Club. Since then I've sailed a lot of dinghies, keelboats, multihulls, multi-hulled dinghies, etc.

When you're not sailing, what can we find you doing?

Bicycling, kayaking, working on my boat, travelling the world with my girlfriend.

What are your favorite sailing books of all time?

  • Two Years Before the Mast - Richard Henry Dana
  • The Long Way - Bernard Moustessier
  • High Perdormance Sailing - Frank Bethwaite
  • Voyage of the Frog - Gary Paulsen
  • The Sea World - Jack London