Samuel Daly Swenson

US Sailing Instructor

OCSC Office Staff - April TOn Board Since April 2013

Why do you sail?

To impress mermaids and beguile sea birds.

What drew you to working at OCSC? What do you enjoy about working at OCSC?

I moved to the Bay for this gig, because I heard that OCSC was the most rigorous and challenging sailing academy in North America. And this is why I’ve stayed on: the club puts learning and community before ego and competition. Combine that with the Bay’s unbeatable geography for consistent heavy weather training and easy escapes to warmer calmer cruising, and it’s hard to think of teaching, learning, and living anywhere else.

What's your sailing background?

I grew up listening to stories of my Kiwi grandpa and his brothers steaming planks for their X-Class “yachts” in the back yard (racing dinghies). I was enchanted by the idea of sailing, but didn’t have a chance to start learning until I went to college at the University of Wisconsin. In the decade since, I’ve sailed New Zealand and crossed to Samoa and Hawaii, cruised the Hudson and raced beer cans on the Potomac, moved boats up and down both coasts as far North as Nova Scotia and South to the Caribbean. I love the freedom of small modern boats and the unique working community of traditional schooners and cargo sloops.

When you're not sailing, what can we find you doing?

Singing sea songs, chasing birds, swimming, gardening, cooking, and doing maritime history & ecology education with kids.

What are your favorite sailing books of all time?

  • Mr. Midshipman Easy
  • It’s Raining Frogs and Fishes