Shirley Doell

OCSC instructor - Shirley Doell

On Board Since December 1996

OCSC: Why do you sail?

SD: Sailing is a way to explore the interface between the two fluids that make up most of the surface of our planet. Since it's not the environment we evolved in, it provides a huge opportunity for challenge and learning!

OCSC: What do you enjoy about working at OCSC?

SD: The people, of course. All the staff is incredibly dedicated to making the students' experience the best possible combination of challenge and fulfilment of their sailing educational goals.

OCSC: What's your sailing background?

SD: I started sailing at the Berkeley Marina on a Santana 22 in 1968. My family sailed that Santana all over the Bay, Delta and nearby ocean, and by the time I was in college, my Dad was building a 38' sloop that he sailed all over the Pacific. I was lucky enough to go along with him for some of those trips and a trip to Europe and back in 1988-1992. I've also done my share of ocean and buoys racing and deliveries. I've worked at OCSC for 10 years, and I still learn something new every time I go out, from my students or colleagues.

OCSC: When you're not sailing, what can we find you doing?

SD: I also work part-time at Waypoint, a source for all your navigational needs: books, charts, software, nav. instruments, and comunications. My other sport is rowing: I compete, coach, and my special thing is making and installing rowing and paddle sports racecourses.

OCSC: What are your top five sailing books of all time?

SD: American Practical Navigator, Bowditch -- still the best navigation textbook; The Riddle of the Sands, Childers -- my favorite sailing novel; Piloting and Seamanship, Chapman -- constantly updated, still the best value in boating education; This Old Boat, Casey --the best guide to taking care of your baby!