Tim Han

OCSC instructor - Tim Han

On Board Since May 2005

OCSC: Why do you sail?

TH: I am always fascinated by the craft of sailing a boat well, whether it's a small dinghy or a large ocean racer. The fundamentals are beautifully simple. Balance wind and water using a hull and a sail. The practice is endlessly complex and rich. Someday, for a moment, I'll get it perfect. Until then, I'll keep at it and enjoy the ride.

OCSC: What do you enjoy about working at OCSC?

TH: Being part of a team of such passionate sailors who love to convey that passion to others.

OCSC: What's your sailing background?

TH: The summer I was sixteen, I joined a sailing club in Boston for $12 and sailed everyday for two months. After that, I was hooked. I hope I'm sailing everyday of the summer when I'm sixty.

OCSC: When you're not sailing, what can we find you doing?

TH: When am I not sailing??? After a day of teaching, I often go out sailing all night with friends. And on my days off, a cruise or racing! After all, I only get to do this for five months each year. During the winter, I head to the snow and teach skiing in Colorado for five months. During my days off? Off season I can be found in Moab, Yellowstone, the Pacific Northwest, Asia...

OCSC: What are your top five sailing books of all time?

TH: The Craft of Sail: A Primer of Sailing by Jan E. Adkins (also a GREAT book for kids!) Racing Through Paradise: A Pacific Passage by William F. Buckley Jr. Revenge of The Whale: The True Story of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick South: The Last Antartic Expedition of Shakleton and the Endurance by Sir Ernest Shakleton Adrift: Seventy-six Days Loat at Sea by Steve Callahan ...and Iƒ?Td like to mention my five top sailing movies: Wind White Squall Captain Ron Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Rock The Boat