Larry Ledgerwood

OCSC instructor - Larry LedgerwoodOn Board Since September 2000

OCSC: Why do you sail?

LL: A fascinating combination of sensuous experience and physics marvel. Sailing can be enjoyed just for the pure joy of the wind on your face and the quiet motion of the boat through the water. Sailing can also be an exploration of complex physics and engineering that results in us staying afloat and not adrift! The history of sailing in exploration and its role in cultural development also holds fascination for me. Anchoring someplace where sailors have anchored for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and watching the same sunsets they watched sends my mind racing. Oh! Did I mention racing ...

OCSC: What do you enjoy about working at OCSC?

LL: People, People, People. Employees and Members alike. When teaching, helping someone move closer to a dream they have and helping expand their horizons and their capability and confidence in achieving those dreams is a privilege. And I get to work with the best collection of people in the sailing industry!

OCSC: What's your sailing background?

LL: I really started as an adult by taking classes at OCSC in the early '80s. My wife and I took a week long beginning class (BK week) and I haven't stopped (neither has she). As a club member for 15 years we did our share of chartering here on the bay and then started to go chartering around the world. I have been racing for the past ten years and we try to do at least one Bareboat charter somewhere in the world once a year. I started teaching in 2002.

OCSC: When you're not sailing, what can we find you doing?

LL: Getting ready to sail? No, really I do have other interests. My 'day job' is running a communications and problem solving practice that keeps me busy and traveling extensively. I also serve as the Chief Learning Officer for OCSC responsible for Product Development and Staff Talent Development. I am on the US Sailing Training Committee serving as the Communications Director and am a member of the US Sailing National Faculty.

OCSC: What are your top five sailing books of all time?

LL: Two Years Before the Mast - R. H. Dana Coasting - Jonathan Raban In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy fo the Whaleship Essex - Nathaniel Philbrick Sea of Cortez - John Steinbeck and E. F. Ricketts 1421: The Year the Chinese Discovered the World - Gavin Menzies