Shawn Waldowski

US Sailing Instructor

OCSC Office Staff - Shawn WaldowskiOn Board Since September 2011

OCSC: What drew you to working at OCSC? Or what do you like about working at OCSC?

SW: I enjoy working for an organization whose primary focus is on people and their experiences. I also enjoy and appreciate the friendly, sharing and encouraging environment created by every employee I’ve met at OCSC.

OCSC: What is your sailing background?

SW: I became a member at OCSC in 1997 and learned to sail. Since then I’ve taken almost every class OCSC offers and completed hundreds of sailboat charters. My experience includes bay sailing, racing, cruising up and down the California coast and an ocean crossing. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about boats, seamanship, navigation, weather and myself…I’m still learning every time I go sailing.

OCSC: Why do you sail?

SW: That’s simple…it makes me happy. I enjoy the freedom, challenge, nature, adventure and spending time with friends and meeting new people.

OCSC: When you're not sailing, what can we find you doing?

SW: When I’m not sailing or thinking about sailing I enjoy spending time with friends, snowboarding, reading, cooking and practicing karate.

OCSC: What are your top five sailing books of all time?

SW: Maiden Voyage, Dove, Lionheart, Sailing Alone Around the World and Once is Enough.