Knut Westby

OCSC instructor - Knut WestbyOn Board Since

OCSC: Why do you sail?

KW: I’ve never enjoyed an activity so much. There is a great culture around it. There is endless learning. There is a long and fascinating history. The feeling of moving swiftly on the water with no engine noise excites me every time I go out.

OCSC: What do you enjoy about working at OCSC?

KW: The people are great. Both the people I work with and the students who come to learn. I enjoy sharing the experience of sailing with them and I become a better sailor as well.

OCSC: What’s your sailing background?

KW: I windsurfed in Norway starting when I was 16. I enjoyed it very much, but as life got busier I didn’t get out on the water much after a while. Some years later I got my priorities straight and got into sailing by joining OCSC and got completely hooked. I now race regularly on J24s, including my own, as well as go out for day and evening sails for relaxation.

OCSC: When you’re not sailing, what can we find you doing?

KW: Riding my motorcycle, reading, enjoying the company of my friends.

OCSC: What are your top five sailing books of all time?

1) A Voyage for Madmen, Peter Nichols
2) Two Years Before the Mast, Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
3) America’s Victory, David W. Shaw
4) Close to the Wind, Pete Goss
5) Rescue in the Pacific, Tony Farrington