Our People

Over 75 men and women have joined together to create the OCSC family. We're passionate and committed, and we love sharing the sport and inspiring others. We're all sailors on a mission of discovery. Join us!

OCSC instructors

Our Instructors

Forty women and men make up the finest instructing staff in North America. Knowing how to sail is one thing, but knowing how to teach sailing is another. That's why only one out of 20 would-be instructors are invited to join our instructor corps. Learn more.

OCSC office staff

Our Office Team

Customer service is not a department, it's what we do. We provide answers to all your questions, set you up with courses or boats, help you with sailing gear and more. And, we're all sailors too. We've taken the same courses you'll take and use the gear we sell. Our job is to serve your needs, answer every question and solve every problem. It's real service with a real smile. Learn more.

OCSC fleet service team

Our Fleet Service Team

Nothing is more critical than having safe well-appointed equipment when you're out on the water. Our fleet service team knows each boat from the top of the mast to the base of the keel. They stop at nothing to make sure your boat is ship shape. That's why you'll see them "road testing" the boats -- particularly on a sunny day. Learn more.

OCSC leaders

Our Leadership Team

At the helm are ten people who you'll come to know well if you sail here. They are as passionate about people who sail as they are about sailing itself. They keep a keen watch on ways to improve...well...everything. And they just happen to be world-class sailors. Learn more.

OCSC Onboard team

Our Onboard Team

Some companies have outside consultants. We have something better -- onboard leaders in their own industries who keep innovating and improving OCSC Sailing. As they will tell you, this motley crew's best ideas come at the helm of a fast sloop beating to windward in 25 knots. Learn more.


Join Our Team

We have the privilege of working with wonderful people in every part of the company. We're a disciplined and focused business where work is more than a job. Maybe that's why OCSC has been among the "Top 100 Best Places to Work in the Bay Area" for two years in a row. Learn more.