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OCSC SAILING - Bay Crossings - June 2014 - Envision Academy Sailing Team (EAST) - Teaching Kids the Power of Sailing

Teaching Kids the Power of Sailing

Bay Crossings
Volume 15 | Number 6
Published on June 2014
by Joel Williams | Photos by Joel Williams

Anthony Sandberg has set a new goal; to offer the experience of sailing to hundreds of Oakland teenagers. We have chosen to work with Envision Academy of Arts and Technology, a tuition-free charter high school in Oakland. Bay Crossings got to spend an afternoon sailing with a group of Envision students.Read more.

OCSC SAILING - Yahoo! Travel - May 2014 - Sail the City: Become an Urban Skipper

Sail the City: Become an Urban Skipper

Yahoo! Travel
Published on May 2014
by Dave George | OCSC Member

So at 44, I was ready to learn. OCSC's 50-boat fleet is manned by 40 instructors who have a reputation for being fun, friendly, and absolutely willing to put in the time until you feel competent and safe - and absolutely unwilling to sign off on your training until they are sure you are, too.Read more.

OCSC SAILING - Outside Magazine - July 2013 - OCSC SAILING is one of the Best Places to Work

OCSC SAILING is one of the Best Places to Work

Outside Magazine
Number 75
Published on July 2013

At this sailing school and adventure-travel company, staff break up their voyages with company lectures and fitness classes. If the perfect mix of city and sea isn’t enough, staff for OCSC Adventures lead trips and safaris as far as Tanzania, Antarctica, and Turkey. Read more.

OCSC SAILING - The Monthly - July 2013 - Bay Area Boomer - The People's Captain - Anthony Sandberg

The People's Captain

The Monthly - Bay Area Boomer
Volume 43 | Number 10
Published on July 2013
by Mike Rosen-Molina | Photos by Margaretta K. Mitchell

Boomer bio profiles Anthony Sandberg, a passionate sailor who vowed to bring sailing to the people through his Berkeley sailing club, OCSC SAILING (and succeeded!). Now, this sailing school helps get everyone on board. With 45 professional instructors and 50 yachts, OCSC is now the largest sailing program in North America, and rated as the best in the country by leading industry magazine Practical Sailor. But it's still a place where even those who aren't millionaires can rent million-dollar yachts for a day. Read more.

Sailor ExtraordinaireUS News and World Report - OCSC SAILING - Anthony Sandberg - The Sailor Extraordinaire

US News and World Report
Published on December 2012
by Michael Ellsberg

Secrets of the Rich and Successfull - Who Struck Gold featuring Anthony Sandberg began with little but energy and native ability. US News and World Report set out to undertand the unique qualities of people who achieve great career success even when they don't have a college degree, including some of America's notable entrepreneurs. They discovered that real-world skills, practical intelligence, perseverance, and resilience are far greater determining factors than a formal education. This is the story of Anthony Sandberg, president and founder of OCSC.

Sailing salon mixes talking, tackingSan Francisco Chronicle - OCSC SAILING - Sailing Mixes Talking and Tacking

San Francisco Chronicle
Published on July 15, 2012
by Julian Guthrie

Maneuvering a boat through treacherous waters is a metaphor for learning to sail through life. Anthony Sandberg, skipper, guru, adventurer, storyteller and educator, brought together the disparate group for one of his regular Wednesday Night Sails. At any given time, he invites feminists, philanthropists, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, cloaks them in wet-weather gear, and gets them talking and tacking in equal measure.

Sailing on San Francisco Bay with OCSCOCSC Sailing School - Urban Adventures on Outside Today - Outside Television - Sailing on San Francisco Bay with OCSC

Urban Adventures on Outside Today
Outside Television
by Julia Dimon

OCSC was featured on the Outside TV channel highlighting OCSC and San Francisco Bay as the perfect Bay Area "urban adventure". In this piece you'll hear from several OCSC members as well as an interview with founder Anthony Sandberg discussing OCSC's mission.

Experience Gifts: Ready, Set, Wish! Sailing - Scale the Bay Experience Gifts: Ready, Set, Wish! Sailing — Scale the Bay by Spirit: Southwest Airlines Magazine

Spirit - Southwest Airlines Magazine
November, 2011
by Spirit Magazine

OCSC Sailing runs the country’s largest single-location sailing school, where beginners learn the ropes on the San Francisco Bay, which will host the 34th annual America’s Cup catamaran race in 2013. Master the sport over five days or two consecutive weekends. One day one you’ll be at the helm of a 24-footer; by the next afternoon you’ll be commanding your crew to Jibe ho!

The Business of Friendship The Business of Friendship by Octane: The Entrepeneurs Organization Magazine

Octane - The Entrepeneurs Organization Magazine
September, 2011
by Anthony Sandberg

As the captain, you want to be with people you know, trust and like. The same goes for business. By seeking opportunities to do business with friends, I turned a company that started with one borrowed boat into the largest sailing school of its kind.

Catching the Wind International Lifestyle Magazine

International Lifestyle Magazine
Issue No. 32, July, 2011
by Lynn Nicholson

The moment has arrived, you have decided that you would like to learn to sail, or perhaps you want to improve your current skills, how do you begin and where do you go?.

Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, directly across the Bay from the Golden Gate Bridge in the Berekeley Marina; these guys are outstanding in every way, they have just been voted the best sailing school in North America, so no question that these are the right people.

Practical Sailor Looks at the Best Sailing Schools in the United States Practical Sailor Looks at the Best Sailing Schools in the United States

Practical Sailor Magazine
December, 2010
by Belvoir Media Group

With hundreds of sailing schools throughout the United States—offering courses ranging from one-hour beginner lessons to weeklong offshore adventures—it’s hard to know which school to enroll in. Practical Sailor wanted to get the scoop from sailing school grads on their experiences and hear from industry professionals to determine what criteria prospective students should pay attention to when selecting a school.

The results confirm OCSC as an ideal setting for challenging your skills and building confidence, plus we came out on top of the national satisfaction ratings.

Setting Sail on the Bay Setting Sail on the Bay by NBC Bay Area Sports - July 12, 2010 - with Laurence Scott

NBC Bay Area Sports
July 12, 2010
with Laurence Scott

Berkeley Marina is home to OCSC Sailing, a club helping helping folks learn the ropes while cruising across the bay...

Best of the East Bay - Sailor to Cruise the Bay WithDiablo Magazine

Diablo Magazine - Fun & Nightlife
July 2010
by Ethan Fletcher

"It doesn’t take long for a sunny sail on San Francisco Bay to turn into a windy adventure. That’s why it’s nice to have Anthony Sandberg at the helm: The president and founder of the Berkeley-based OCSC Sailing club and school is as comfortable in blue skies, regaling novice sailors with old yarns, as he is guiding you safely back into port in near-zero visibility." Read More.

Affordable sailing on the bayAffordable sailing on the bay - A great family activity everyone can enjoy

View from the Bay – KGO-TV (ABC)
June 15, 2010
with Leigh Glaser

A great family activity everyone can enjoy.

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

Classes, Charters and Community at OCSC

Alameda Magazine
May - June 2010
by Elisa Williams

"When Anthony Sandberg came to the Bay Area in the late 1970s, he was searching for what to do with his life. An avid skier — he had been on the national ski team and started a cross-country ski school back East — he became passionate about sailing growing up in Hawaii. ." Read More.

Dartmouth Alumni MagazineWind Sports: Now's the Time to Catch Some Air

7x7 San Francisco
April 24, 2010

"EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Don’t be intimidated by all the moving parts and jargon. You’ll likely be surprised how much you can master after a day with a good teacher..." Read More.



Gary Allen on Business – KNBR 680 AM(Audio)KNBR

Interview with Anthony Sandberg
March 14, 2010

The America’s Cup in the Bay Area, learning how to sail with confidence, sailing in Turkey and other exotic locations and more. Listen Now.

Traveling is Good for the Soul and the Bottom LineEntrepreneurs' Organization - Overdrive - Traveling is Good for the Soul and the Bottom Line

Entrepreneurs' Organization - Overdrive
January 2010
by Patrick Galvin

"It doesn’t take long for a sunny sail on San Francisco Bay to turn into a windy adventure. That’s why it’s nice to have Anthony Sandberg at the helm: The president and founder of the Berkeley-based OCSC Sailing club and school is as comfortable in blue skies, regaling novice sailors with old yarns, as he is guiding you safely back into port in near-zero visibility." Read More.

From Dump to Destination (pdf)Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

Cruising World
December 2009
by Patrick Galvin

"It's often said that sailors are dreamers, men and women who see opportunities where others see only roadblocks. Thirty years ago, mounds of trash didn't stop Anthony Sandberg, now 60, from envisioning a world-class sailing destination on what was then the municipal dump of the city of Berkeley, California..." Read More (pdf).

Sail Around SF Bay for $40 Sail Around SF Bay for $40 by View from the Bay – KGO-TV (ABC) - August 10, 2009 - with Leigh Glaser

View from the Bay – KGO-TV (ABC)
August 10, 2009
with Leigh Glaser

Think sailing on the bay is out of your budget? Try this cheap adventure.



Dartmouth Alumni MagazineResponding to Social Causes Boosts Sails (pdf)

Smart Money's Small Business Site
July 6, 2009
by Diana Ransom

"We’re using social networking and marketing tools to attach our brand to social and environmentally-conscious causes. For example, we hold social and recreational gatherings every week, and we host monthly “salons” where people get together to engage in group discussions..." Read More (pdf).


Dartmouth Alumni MagazineThe Skipper (pdf)

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
July/August 2009
by Sarah Tuff

"On San Francisco Bay winds regularly blow 25 knots and swirling tides create a chop that can turn even high-tech mega-yachts into floundering bathtub boats. This 400-square-mile inland sea has been called the Mount Everest of sailing - which makes it the perfect place for Anthony Sandberg to operate a sailing school..." Read More (pdf).


Peru LAN ArticleNavigating a Sailing Lesson

Los Angeles Times | Travel | Outdoors & Adventure
May 17, 2009
by Hugo Martin

"The consistent winds make San Francisco Bay one of the best places in the country to learn to sail, Sandberg said. But, as anybody who has ever been on a boat in the bay knows, the winds can be brutal, providing a challenge for aspiring sailors...." Read More.


Peru LAN ArticleCamino Salkantay - The "Other" Inca Trail (pdf)

LAN Peru In-Flight Magazine
January 2009
by Ellen Galvin

"I have come to Peru to reach the sacred site of Machu Picchu via the footpaths that the Inca traversed more than 500 years ago..." Read More.


Via MagazineThis is Berkeley? (pdf)

Via | AAA Traveler's Companion
Sept + Oct 2008

"On a recent summer evening with the sun hanging low over the Golden Gate Bridge, Anthony stepped aboard a 36-foot yacht and eased it into San Francisco Bay. Salt spray licked the bow and a cool breeze puffed across the water..." Read More.

Cruising WorldTravel with Rick Steves – Episode #152 (Audio)

National Public Radio (NPR)
October 11, 2008

Episode #152 aired with OCSC Founder & President Anthony Sandberg discussing adventure travel in Antarctica. The 18-1/2-minute interview starts at 33:15 into the show (make sure to listen until the end of the show to hear whale sounds and Anthony’s joke).

Cruising WorldLessons: Goodbye Bob, and Hello to a World of Sailing (pdf)

Cruising World
October 2008
by Ellen Galvin

"Someone yelled "Man overboard!", and I realized that Bob had fallen into the churning gray waters of San Francisco Bay--again. For a second, I considered leaving him behind, as he'd been nothing but trouble since we met..." Read More.

Cruising WorldTravel with Rick Steves – Episode #142 (Audio)
National Public Radio (NPR)
July 19, 2008

Episode #142 aired with OCSC Founder & President Anthony Sandberg's discussion of the Eastern Mediterranean (following an interview with author Salman Rushdie). The 18-minute interview starts at 33:15 into the show.


East Bay ExpressBest Way to See the Entire East Bay (pdf)

East Bay Express
July 2008

"From his office in the Berkeley Marina, Anthony Sandberg looks out over the San Francisco Bay and smiles. When he started the Olympic Circle Sailing Club in 1979 with a phone and a borrowed boat, his goal was to share the art, science, joy, and responsibility of sailing with anyone who wanted to learn..." Read More.

Outside MagazineBest Places To Work (pdf)

Outside Magazine
May 2008

"Top ten 'Best Places to Work' in the 50-249 employee category. OCSC wants every employee to sail, so job training includes multiple slots in the school's classes..." Read More.


East Bay Business TimesBest Places to Work in the Bay Area (pdf)

East Bay Business Times
May 2, 2008

"OCSC voted one of the 20 best places to work in the Bay Area with 50-100 employees." Read More.


San Francisco Business Times

Small Business News Section (pdf)

San Francisco Business Times
April 25, 2008

"Last year, the company also formed OCSC Adventures, where their clients sign up for treks to other corners of the world. The first was to the Andes..." Read More.

Rick Steves LogoTravel with Rick Steves - Episode #131 (Audio)

National Public Radio (NPR)
April 19, 2008

Episode #131 aired with OCSC Founder & President Anthony Sandberg extolling the joys of sailing and its green aspects. This nationally broadcast radio program runs on public radio stations in 16 states and on Sirius satellite across the USA and Canada. The 30-minute interview with Anthony starts at the beginning of the show.

Go MagazineTen Amazing Adventures Under $1000

USA Today
March 20, 2008

"If you've dreamed of learning to sail, perhaps one day skippering your own boat around the Caribbean, but dismissed the idea because you lacked the necessary trust fund, despair no more." Read More.


Go MagazineI, Captain (pdf)

Go Magazine
March 2008

"Head to Fisherman's Wharf, and you'll find plenty of people ready to guide you on a sailing trip past the sea lions around Alcatraz Island. But wouldn't it be more fun to take the tour on your own?..." Read More.


Board of Advisors Can Help Steer Small Firms to Right Track (pdf)

Wall Street Journal (html version)
March 3, 2008

"Last year, after 28 years of running what is now one of the largest sailing schools in the U.S., Richard Jepsen and Anthony Sandberg decided they
needed help..." Read More.

Outside TravelerA New Shining Path (pdf)

Outside Traveler
Winter 2007
by Michael Behar

"While thousands of trekkers swarm the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu's Salcantay route offers better views, deluxe digs, and splendid isolation." Learn More (pdf).

National Geographic Adventure25 Best New Trips in the World (pdf)

National Geographic Adventure Magazine
November 2007
by Tom Clynes

"No crowds. Plush lodges. Jungles, glaciers, and high Andean peaks. The Camino Salcantay is the savvy traveler's alternative to the Inca Trail. Never has the road to ruins been so much fun." Learn More (pdf).

New York Times logoLike Marriage, Business Takes Work (pdf)

New York Times
November 29, 2007

"Mr. Sandberg says he believes his marriage might have survived had he and his former wife done the kind of intensive counseling that he and Mr. Jepsen have done with Mr. Ledgerwood." Learn More.

Cruising World logoCalifornia Club Keeps Sailors Coming Back for More (pdf)

Cruising World
November 2007

"Anthony Sandberg founded the Olympic Circle Sailing Club in Berkeley, California, in 1979 to make sailing available and affordable for anyone with the desire to learn and participate."

New York Times logoCouples Therapy for Business Partners

New York Times: Shifting Careers
November 29, 2007

"...Mr. Sandberg and Mr. Jepsen had been seeing a business consultant for years and going through a process that sounded quite a lot like couples therapy." Read More.

The East Bay Monthly logoCome Sail Away (pdf)

The East Bay Monthly
October 2007

"...The boat's moving through the water. It's charging. I'm alive, and all those fetters --I've got HR things and insurance investments, all sorts of stuff-- melt away and I'm just a young guy, having a great time..."

New York Times logoBlurring by Choice and Passion

New York Times: Shifting Careers
September 3, 2007

"Mr. Sandberg’s relationship with sailing is like a love affair that has kept its
passion into the twilight years." Read more.

Success magazineSuccess Story: Anthony Sandberg, OCSC Sailing (pdf)

Success Magazine
June 2007
By Rebecca Spagnuolo

"...maturity has taught us that real success, in terms of value, comes from gratitude and generosity." Learn More.

Bay Area Backroads logoBay Area Backroads featuring OCSC Sailing

KRON Channel 4
with Doug McConnell
May 12 & 13, 2007, 6:00 p.m.

Set your Tivos and VCRs so you don't miss Doug McConnell's sailing lesson with Team OCSC. Learn More.

Oakland Tribune logoAt Work With: Anthony Sandberg (pdf)

The Oakland Tribune
April 29, 2007

'I chose this location for my school because the Bay has the best sailing in all of North America.' Learn More.

San Francisco Chronicle logoSplash - Your Guide to Sailing the Bay and Beyond (pdf)

San Francisco Chronicle
April 27, 2007

'...and in 1979 he founded OCSC (originally knows as the Olympic Circle Sailing Club), which today is one of the largest sailing schools in the Bay Area.' Learn More.

San Francisco Business Times logoBest Places to Work in the Bay Area (pdf)

San Francisco Business Times
April 27, 2007

OCSC voted one of the Bay Area's best places to work for the third year in a row! Learn More.

The Josh Kornbluth Show logoWind Power (pdf)

The Josh Kornbluth Show
April 22, 2007

'Thanks to Anthony Sandberg’s generosity, my interest in wind power had spread from the land to encompass the waves as well.' - The Josh Kornbluth Show Blog (html)

Team-Building Firms Create Bonding Business (pdf)

East Bay Business Times
March 30, 2007

'We're bucking the trend. In an industry where team building is shrinking, we're actually growing. What started out as me and a boat in 1979 has become 80 employees and 50 yachts.'

National Green Pages logoNational Green Pages (pdf)

2007 Edition
January 2007

'When I was 30, I thought I could re-invent sailing, because it's too good to be the exclusive domain of the rich.'

City Sports Magazine logo

Best of the Bay 2006

City Sports Magazine
December 2006

'OCSC, with its convivial vibe, regular barbeques and large fleet, wins our Best (Sailing School) of the Bay for a second year.'

SF Chronicle DateBook logo

At Play on the Bay

SF Chronicle DateBook
September 17, 2006
By Delfin Vigil

"It's like a freeway of wind from west to east so that at the end of the day you get blown through the Golden Gate into the Bay and right back to OCSC."

Read article: Printer-friendly (140 kb pdf)

San Francisco Magazine logo


San Francisco Magazine
September 2006

"OCSC is the best big boat sailing school in the country" states Matt Gingo, director of small boat school, Cal Adventures. OCSC Founder, Anthony Sandberg puts it more modestly....

Read article: Printer-friendly (289 kb pdf)

The Manta  Network logo

Les raies manta mobilisent

La Dépêche, Bora Bora
August 2006
By Françoise Buil

Translated: "The American sailing school, "OCSC Sailing" organizes cruising trips to different destinations. For the second time, they decided to visit French Polynesia... The distinctive feature of this organization is that they've donated 5% of their charter costs to a group dedicated to the protection of Mantas (The Manta Network), which Manta Polynesia was chosen to be part of. OCSC will hand over a donation of $3600 (U.S.). "

Read article (HTML)

7x7 logo

7 things to know right now

August 2006
By Melissa Goldstein

"True or False? In order to view the SF sunset from a yacht, you have to be friends with Larry Ellison? False."

Read article: Printer-friendly (140 kb pdf)

Diablo Magazine logo

S is for Sailing

Diablo Magazine
August 2006

Read article: Printer-friendly (83.5 kb pdf)

VIP Jackson Magazine logo

Dreaming About... The Sailing Experience of a Lifetime

VIP Jackson Magazine
August 2006
By Chrissy Cheshire

"San Francisco Bay is notorious for presenting dramatic challenges to sailors and OCSC thrives on that!"

Read article: Printer-friendly (340 kb pdf)

Outside Traveler logo

Cycladian Rhythm

Outside Traveler
Spring 2006
By Rolf Potts

"The more time I spend aboard Assos, the more I appreciate the way sailing connects me to the rhythms of the weather and water. Away from land, life is less of an abstraction and the sea gradually reveals itself as an intricate and powerful wilderness." Read article (HTML)

Read article: Printer-friendly (1.9 mb pdf)

Business Week/Small Biz logo

Berkeley Sailing School Uses Streaming to Reel in Students

Business Week/Small Biz
Fall 2005

"Anthony Sandberg figured that if a single picture is worth a thousand words, streaming video could be valuable indeed. Especially for a sailing school trying to impress clients with the joy of open water and salt air."

Read article: Printer-friendly (372kb pdf)

Contra Costa Times logo

Clear Sailing for East Bay School

Contra Costa Times
August 4, 2005
By Ann Tatko-Peterson, Times Staff Writer

"The sailboat measures almost 35 feet long. It costs about a quarter million dollars. And on this cool August day, it tilts at a seemingly precarious 45-degree angle, the starboard hull practically submerged in the water, the boat rocketing through every wave that stands in its path. The scene might look and feel like a maelstrom, if not for Anthony Sandberg . . ."

Printer-friendly (390kb pdf)

Berkeley Daily Planet logoBerkeley Sailing School Tackles the Waves

Berkeley Daily Planet
July 29, 2005
By Ellen Galvin

"Can a sailing school in Berkeley change the world? Anthony Sandberg, 56, the Founder and President of OCSC Sailing, believes that the answer is an emphatic 'Yes!' . . . "

Read article. (HTML)

East Bay Business Times logoSailor Sandberg is a Philanthropic Tidal Wave

Good Business Columnist
July 29, 2005
By David Goll

"Talking with Anthony Sandberg, one feels the late John Denver's expansive musical tribute to life on the sea, "Aye, Calypso" should be playing in the background. It's not just that Sandberg's business at the Berkeley Marina is the Bay Area's largest sailing school and club. Sandberg launched the Olympic Circle Sailing Club Inc. -- better known as OCSC -- in 1979. His love for his work, zest for life and San Francisco Bay-sized personality is readily apparent. As is his concern for less-fortunate people and health of the world's environment. "

Read article. (HTML)

KNBR 680 AM logoGary Allen on Business – KNBR 680 AM (Audio)

Interview with Anthony Sandberg
July 27, 2005

Interview with Gary Allen on how OCSC is making sailing more accessible. Listen to the Interview (14.2 mp3)

East Bay Business Times logo

Sailing Toward Better Business Teams

Special to the East Bay Business Times
July 22, 2005
By Rich Jepsen

"A frequent criticism of corporate team-building programs is that there is too much talk and not enough action. Participants need challenging activities that explore and extend their capabilities, both as individuals and as members of a team. One of the best ways to do that is on-board a high performance racing yacht . . . "

Read article (HTML)
Printer-friendly (556kb pdf)

City Sports Magazine logo

Sail on Sailor

City Sports Magazine
July 2005

"It is a Sunday morning in May, about 7:30. It's raining heavily, and the wind is whipping up waves, whitecaps and spray on the Bay. Normally I would be out for a bike ride or a hike on a Sunday, but not in this weather. Instead, I am heading to the Marina to continue my sailing lessons . . . "

Printer-friendly (680kb pdf)

Inc. Magazine logo

A Summer Fave Gets Saucy and Strategic

Inc. Magazine
July 2005
By Patrick J. Sauer

"The Olympic Circle Sailing Club in Berkeley, Calif., does almost no formal advertising or marketing. Instead, president Anthony Sandberg prefers spending $50,000 every year on some 30 barbecue parties that are open to the public. The chili, clam chowder, chicken, and veggie burgers have been a part of that approach since the club's inception 26 years ago, when the "office" was a metal dockside box built next to the town dump. . . . "

Read article (HTML)
Printer-friendly (512kb pdf)

Latitude 38 logo

OCSC on the Cover of Latitude 38!

Latitude 38
June 2005

Oakland Tribune logo

Partners make sailing club work

Oakland Tribune
June 5, 2005
By Kristin Bender

"For more than two decades, Anthony Sandberg and Rich Jepsen have run a Berkeley sailing school that started with one boat, a single telephone and a dream to bring the sport to ordinary enthusiasts, not just the spoiled elite. It's not surprising that the two have made teaching others to sail their life's work. Both Sandberg, 56, of Berkeley and Jepsen, 49, of Alameda have been sailing since early childhood. Both love not only the heritage, history and traditions of sailing, but also the connection that sailing has with the Earth's natural elements — wind, water and sun . . . "

Read article (HTML)

Sunset Magazine logo

Sail Away

Sunset Magazine
April 2004
by Lisa Taggart

"Sailing is for heroes. Sailors hop to it, and in an emergency can be counted on to reef the mainsail and batten down the hatches..."

Printer-friendly PDF

Cruising World logoOlympic Circle is thinking Green

Cruising World
September 2003
By Dieter Loibner

"Whenever members of the Olympic Circle Sailing Club (OCSC) hit the road, they have multiple agendas.... Wherever they go, OCSC sailors support environmental causes."

Read article: Printer-friendly PDF

The Log logo73 OCSC Sailors Have Fun ‘Doing Good’

The Log
March 12, 2003
By Dieter Loibner

"The largest group ever of OCSC sailors assembled at The Moorings' base in Placencia, Belize, on Feb. 11 for a flotilla charter in the southern Cayes along the Barrier Reef. Having fun by doing good was the motto of 73 sailors associated with Berkeley's Olympic Circle Sailing Club who traveled to the small seaside town Placencia in Southern Belize on Feb. 10 for their winter fix of sailing, diving, fishing, and snorkeling. "

Read Article. (HTML)

San Francisco Magazine logo

Best of the Bay Area (pdf)

San Francisco Magazine
July 2002

'Hone your skipper and crew skills and possibly find a mate.'