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From OCSC's instruction to chartering, from club membership to team building events, here's some unsolicited feedback that we've received. By the way, if you'd like to add your own testimonial to this page, please email it to us at: info@ocscsailing.com. We'd love to post it as well.

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Dear Anthony,

It was very nice to meet you again on Wednesday night. You are an apparent guardian angel of "those who wish to sail." My girlfriend, Lynn and I did get to go out and I understand that you had something to do with that wonderful opportunity. We had the very best time with a wonderful crew! Margaret, and Peter, and Gerard, Marshall and Pauline all made the experience a joy of joys. Sun setting, full moon rising, lights 360˚, smooth water and sweet breezes, topped off with chowder, chili and cold beer. What an evening to remember! And I think, above all, I have you to thank for that encouragement and gentle nudge! New friends are certainly the one of life's greatest rewards.

Thank you so very much. "I'll be back!"

Lorie H.

Something clicked this week ...

I was solo sailing when I was nine years old. El Toro, Lido, Cal 25, Ericson 30 through my twenties. Sailing has always been part of me. This week was a transformational experience. Knowledge begets responsibility, responsibility begets freedom. I had so many moments of “clicking into” new awareness of ancient knowledge. Whenever we were onboard, I was learning.

Rarely anymore, does one get thrown into a situation of total strangers and come out the other side appreciating the unique skills of each member of the group. We had a ball working/ learning/ failing/ succeeding together. Thanks for creating this community of sailors . . .

Clark Kellogg
Kellogg Communications, Inc.
Berkeley, California

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Dear OCSC,

I didn't take the time to fill out comment card when I finished the Crew Course yesterday (8/12), but wanted to take a few seconds now to let you know what a wonderful instructor Chuck was. He made everyone feel so comfortable and confident on the boat, and he had the patience of a saint. He made the course extremely worthwhile and enjoyable, and he is a great representative of OCSC. Thanks for a fantastic weekend!

Jackie Rech


I wanted to let you know that I think the Crew Course offered this past weekend was a perfect combination of instruction, on-the-bay sailing experience, and fun! I now feel that I have some essential skills to be a valued crewmember for sailing on the Bay and on bareboat charters. In fact, just this week I’ve booked a two week sailing trip to Croatia this fall with other OCSC friends and am anxious to do more Wednesday night and weekend sails throughout the summer.

This is truly a meaningful introduction to the sport of sailing and I plan on recommending it to several of my friends who have an interest in learning more about sailing. Thank you for putting together such an intriguing and delightful course.

Nancy Van Gelder
San Rafael, California

To The Entire OCSC Gang,

Just a quick note of thanks for my recent experience with your organization. The Bareboat class was thorough, precise & confident building. Kudos to your entire staff from the front desk to the maintenance crew. Everyone was pleasant, encouraging & professional with each encounter. The sailing training I received at your facility far exceeded anything I have ever experienced! I look forward to expanding my sailing education with you in the future.

David Castro
Morgan, Utah
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Dear OCSC,

Since I took your Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising classes a year ago, I took Bareboat Cruising from another US Sailing school (didn't make it to California). From your Basic Keelboat and Cruising Classes I was even able to challenge and pass the USSA Coastal Navigation Certification. It was the best training I've ever received on any subject. I knew how to sail and your instructors far surpassed your "sail with confidence" motto. When I talk to other sailors about learning to sail correctlly, I always suggest they go out of their way, if necessary, to train through OCSC.

Dennis D.
Laurel, Montana

Dear Team OCSC,

It is unusual for me to send these types of messages but I thought I should express my great pleasure and satisfaction with this past weekend.

This was my first sailing class (Basic Keelboat 1) and I found the instructor, Nina, to be friendly, comforting, re-assuring and extremely knowledgeable. She made everyone feel in control of the boat at all times and let us reach and do things I would not have thought possible before Saturday morning.

I had heard good things about OCSC from my friend, who highly recommended that I join the club, but until I experienced Nina in the classroom and the boat, I did not think it possible for the experience to exceed my expectations. Everyone in the clubhouse has been exceptionally courteous, friendly and helpful.

I am very much looking forward to BK 2 next weekend and signing up for as many classes as I can in the future. And while living in Sacramento does mean that I have to leave a little earlier than most students to get to the club by 8:00 am, it is most definitely worth the drive.

Congratulations on putting together such a great program and team.


Paul Hurley
Elk Grove, California

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Dear OCSC,

I want to thank you for the wonderful instruction that I’ve received. I’ve always been in awe of people who could control a sailboat in San Francisco Bay, and now I am one, thanks to you. There hasn’t been a situation on the Bay that I couldn’t handle and I look back on the training that I received from OCSC and thank you for your commitment to excellence. I can enthusiastically tell anyone who wants to learn the skill levels of sailing that OCSC is the place to learn them.

Patrick F.
Moraga, California

Dear OCSC,

Thank you for the awesome teaching that I received in my Basic Keelboat class. You guys are all super and I look forward to my next step with OCSC. I'm back at work today and I'm just hating it. Man, what a weekend out on the Bay.

Sandy T.
Citrus Heights, California

Club Membership

Dear Anthony,

Since joining OCSC, I’ve had the chance to sample your membership interface, on the water instruction, classroom training, certification, charters, social activities and customer service. In every instance, I have been impressed by the professionalism, expertise and warmth of the management, staff and members. The vision, mission and passion you started with in 1979 is alive and well throughout your organization.

Being new to the area and having a self-imposed deadline made the job of choosing a club/school in the Bay Area somewhat daunting. Then I began to feel and experience the atmosphere and approach that you have cultivated at OCSC. Even your competition had to acknowledge your capabilities. When I looked at not only what was offered but also how OCSC went about doing its job, the choice became clear. There’s an amazing consistency among your staff in their delivery of quality.

I have also been impressed with the level of participation that you, Rich and Max display on a daily basis. In many organizations, senior management means invisible and hands off. Your active leadership adds a unique touch that provides guidance for your staff, confidence for your customers and continual feedback opportunities for you.

I look forward to spending many fun years with OCSC and learning to Sail with Confidence thanks to you and your staff.

Oakland, California

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Scott King here, OCSC member

I want to recount a recent experience I had of chartering a boat and taking one of my very best friends out on the water. This event marked the first time I had skippered a boat with no other OCSC-ers to help me out on crew. I went sailing with a crewmember who was a complete novice and realized that the instruction I received from OCSC paid for itself, as I was able to implement proper procedures confidently, calmly and with a sense of adventure. As I began explaining instructions and procedures to someone starting from scratch, I realized that I had obtained a wealth of knowledge from OCSC. Granted, I was the one that showed up every day and put in the effort to become certified, but it was your school, curriculum, direction and staff that provided the vehicle and the environment that made it all come together in a positive way, and made we want to come back.

People often complain to business owners when they experience unpalatable service; less often they express gratitude. So without getting all melodramatic or anything, I just wanted to say 'Thanks' for bringing me along with my sailing skills, making it a challenge, and making it fun.


Scott King
Windsor, California

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Dear OCSC,

You have been a great experience for myself and my two older kids. In addition to being a great way to get back into sailing, it was also a fun family activity and something I could recommend for every parent that has interested teenagers. The front office team made us feel right at home and the instructors helped us immensely with our various levels of sailing. We got so hooked we ended up buying a boat!


Eric Haesloop
Berkeley, California

Dear OCSC,

After getting back to Europe I felt like writing and telling you guys how much I enjoyed being a member of your club. I have spent two years at Stanford, which is a quite good school, but, believe me, OCSC is way better than that. It was by far the best experience I had during my stay in the US. I was impressed by the great training I enjoyed, the professional instructors and staff, the nice people I met and the fun you guys always transmitted. During my stay in the US, OCSC was the only place where I always got what I had been promised, and actually even more than that. I wish you a lot of good fortune and success and hope to meet your people in some ports some time. I’ll wear my OCSC hat and will be looking for your logo.

All the best,

Tudor B.

Dear OCSC Staff,

Kathy and I came to OCSC and spoke to Rich less than one year ago with the intention of beginning a new hobby together. As we spoke to Rich, we became convinced that “sailing” was the right choice for us. Our goal was simply to “sail with confidence” wherever we might go and enjoy some time together on the water.

I began the courses as recommended by the staff and Kathy took the weekend sailing course. Before long we became aware of the possibility of doing a “bareboat charter” in the British Virgin Islands and once again, spoke to the OCSC staff about the feasibility of undertaking that adventure with relatively short notice. We were encouraged to take the appropriate courses, get in some practice, and go for it.

Well, we just returned from BVI, having completed one of the best vacations of our lives. We charted a 41 ft. sloop with friends and sailed off into the accomplishment of a dream, a goal and an adventure.

I can’t thank all of the OCSC personnel enough. Everyone at OCSC has been professional, courteous, encouraging and helpful. Kathy and I are just so pleased with the new group of associates and friends we’ve made at OCSC. We look forward to more learning, growing and having a blast with you. Thanks for making it possible and truly delivering on your promise of “sailing with confidence”.


John and Kathy Temple
Danville, California



Just an unsolicited testimonial about how much you and your great instructors helped me to begin the voyage and love of sailing. I have met many skippers since, but never found any who seemed to have found a school that gave as good preparation as OCSC. I have my own 36 ft Solaris Sunrise catamaran on Lake Coeur d' Alene ID. It's routine: when the wind pipes up to >25kt, I'm the only one out there sailing. Despite arthritis I converted my in-mast furling to fully-battened main and jiffy reefing and ezjacks. Doesn't seem like real sailing if one doesn't at least do jiffy reefing. Of course in an ocean cat you don't get green water in your ear; and I've never heeled it more than 9 degrees, even at 35 kt true! Certainly not like those days on the J-24's, with salt crystals all over my sunglasses.

Thanks again to everyone at OCSC, you're the best!

Stiff breezes and no hockles,

Reed L.
Redding, California

Dear OCSC,

My experience with OCSC in the SF Bay Area has been consistently excellent. These guys know how to run a charter fleet, they keep the boats well maintained and make sure only qualified people are allowed to take the boats out.

It always comes down to the quality of the people running the operation; anyone considering this kind of arrangement should be very sure they're comfortable with the owners of the company.

Joe Parsons
Recreational Boats

Rich, Max and Team,

About 7 years ago I showed up at your door with a dream to be able to bareboat. I knew almost nothing.

I just returned from Tahiti on my 9th Bareboat Vacation this time just me and my wife sailed for nine glorious days in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If you haven't done Bora Bora yet you MUST. I have been to most of the islands of the Caribbean at least once.

There isn't a day that I am "out there" that I don't think of you guys and put in pracice all that you taught me. You produced a very competent and happy sailor and I have logged over 150 days of sailing as a skipper since I left your wonderful school.

The thing I want to really appreciate about your training is that others remark on how safe they feel when I am at the helm as the safety aspect got drilled into me. It is not that things don't sometimes get hairy at sea but I anticipate them and seem to know just what to do instinctively right before they happen.

I thank you for everything---it is a gift that will remain with me over a lifetime. Thanks again.

All the best,

Kevin Cullen

Dear OCSC,

Just got back from a week of unbelievable sailing in the BVI. Chartered a catamaran with Sunsail with two other couples and thoroughly enjoyed the islands. The people, places, and sights were a once in a lifetime (hopefully more) trip. If it weren't for the training I received from OCSC this would never have been possible.

Tom Pactol
Elk Grove, California

Email Tom

Hello to everyone at OCSC,

We are currently anchored in the beautiful Bay of Careyes, just north of Manzanillo. We've been in a variety of weather conditions and anchorages and have watched hundreds of other sailors struggling with some of the most basic steps. It's certainly not that we know everything (as we are still learning with each passage and each anchorage), but we do feel we are doing well. We attribute our confidence to the good, solid basic skills taught by OCSC. Sometimes things were tough but we now know why. We are sure glad that you were tough on us as we feel it has really paid off in making our cruising life a whole lot safer and enjoyable.

We plan to continue to cruise Mexico for the next couple of years and then head further South to Costa Rica and Panama. Thank you for opening our eyes to sailing and the wonderful adventures to be had out there on the sea.

Mary and Jerry
S/V La Sirena

Team Building

Hi Anthony:

On behalf of my colleagues at Amdocs - I wanted to thank you for what was a fabulous afternoon of sailing; they were all buzzing afterwards!. I would also would like to commend Stan and Kate who not only as usual demonstated their competence as skippers - but as teachers - with their successful engagement of a total bunch of newbies in the actual sailing, in a positive, comfortable manner. Also - thank you for the use of the club before and after; it was just perfect...

It was a classic example of a bunch of people having no idea whatsoever that they could do something "adventurous" like this - they were clearly all wowed....however I also feel that not just any sailing club/group could deliver the same experience as can OCSC.....

I think there will be more events from Amdocs in the not so distant future; in the meantime; please feel free to use me as a reference/testimonial for your corp charter programs... I've also had a few of the people inquire as to sailing instruction and other charters...and of course I will guide them appropriately..

Thank you again;



Last week, my staff and I went on a Corporate Team building trip. I don't even know where to start with all of the positive things I have to say about that afternoon. First of all, it was money VERY well spent. Each member of the group got something different out of the day. Some of them had eye opening experiences about themselves and how they function in the world. These lessons go far beyond the improvement in the team morale within the group. Kate was PERFECT. She is intuitive and was able to bring out the limiting issue in each of the members of the group. The staff even asked me if I had given a profile on each of them to Kate before the day. Of course, I hadn't and obviously didn't need to. In addition to the valuable lessons learned....it was just plain fun!! I am very impressed and pleased with the way that OCSC is run. Each person that I have dealt with has been VERY friendly, helpful, encouraging, and supportive. Thank you all and I look forward to spending more time at OCSC.


Amy Tedder
Northwest Insurance Agency

Dear Anthony,

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for a fabulous sailing event. Everyone remarked how much fun they had and how informative and friendly the instructors were. The food was also quite a delight, which was made even more enjoyable by the wonderful steel drum band you found for us! We hope to plan more events with you in
the coming years. Thanks again, Anthony!


Fenwick & West

Dear Rich,

Thanks very much for your incredible support of Circle of Life’s work! We thought that the event was amazing. It was a lot of fun, very educational and was an excellent way for Circle of Life to meet the SBA and OCSC communities. Your support of the event is what made it happen. Thank you for an excellent introduction and for being a great host!

It was inspirational to learn more from you about the history of OCSC and your partnership with Anthony. Such powerful partnerships are rare, and provide me with a great reference point for what is possible in regards to commitment and professionalism. I look forward to seeing
you again in the future and to the deepening of our shared work ofmaking the world a more sustainable place.


Amira Jessica Diamond
Associate Director

Circle of Life


Nothing that achieves such terrific results should be so fun. The experience that all of us had on the Bay was invaluable. We are a better team for it.

Ed Valencia, President
Citicorp TTI

Dear Anthony and Rich,

The accolades are pouring in for yesterday’s event. People had a terrific time, and your staff could not have been more professional, courteous, and helpful in making sure everything went smoothly. Several colleagues remarked that they found the boat skippers very entertaining, which made the experience all the more enjoyable and relaxing. And there’s one 10-year-old boy whose introduction to sailing may well turn out to be life-changing experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if he asks his parents for lessons.

Special thanks to whoever ordered the perfect weather. But even had it been blowing 20 knots with fog, I’m sure you would have found a way to make the day a huge success.

Thanks again,

Tom Schmitz
California HealthCare Foundation


Thank you so much for last night's sail - the staff was absolutely thrilled and wants more....you even coordinated the weather!

Thanks again and we hope to do this again sometime soon. Please extend our sincerest thanks to the entire staff and to the great instructors!


Nadia Billia Le Bon
Director of Special Programs
Mountain Travel Sobek - The Adventure Company

Hi Anthony,

Thanks so much for all your work and follow up. As I'm sure you could tell, everyone really enjoyed the day and the fact you threw in the great weather, made it even better. It was a good time with a little work thrown in to make it an official work day - I will definitely share your info. with the rest of the company depts.

Again, thanks to you and the rest of the OCSC staff - great, professional people who made us feel very welcomed and serviced at all times. I'm sure we'll be in touch again.

Susan A. Teitel
Foster's Wine Estates


I wanted to write and say thank you again for the great sailing event. Our group absolutely loved it, everyone is still talking about it, and you were absolutely right when you said the stories get bigger each time they are told. OCSC is a great group to work with, your organization and attention to detail was excellent. You can be assured
I will be in touch again in the future.

Thanks again for everything Anthony.

Warmest regards,

Teresa Jones-Smart

Hi everyone!

This is a message for Anthony Sandberg, Richard Jepsen, Max Fancher, and the rest of the gang that came out with us last Friday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! We really had a perfect day and it was wonderful to experience what a close and welcoming community has grown up in the Club. Everyone was so nice, and we learned so much about sailing here in one of the greatest bays on earth. We look forward to heading out with you again sometime soon!

Drew Burns
Bay Area Backroads

Hi Anthony,

Thank you very much for all your efforts setting up an amazing event. Your program synthesized learning, leadership, and teamwork within an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding medium; sailing. The sum was greater than the well administered parts. The enthusiasm and professionalism of all of OCSC’s staff created an experience that will be among the highlights of those for our Executive program. Please pass on our program’s thanks for an outstanding event, we will certainly be back.


Doug Gordon
Berkeley - Columbia Executive MBA Program