Why do I sail? Simple self-reliance, freedom of movement, and the unending challenge.

My first time on a sailboat was in 2009 here on SF Bay. Bought a small boat later that year and moved aboard. Lots of "doing it wrong" all over the bay ensued. Most of this was done alone so no one could witness my incredible screw-ups. Eventually fell into crewed racing on the Bay and coastal waters, then singlehanded ocean racing. Competed in the Singlehanded Farallones, Singlehanded LongPac, and Singlehanded Transpac.

The best parts of working at OCSC are learning from my comrades and helping others achieve their salty dreams.

Favorite Sailing Books

  • How to Sail Around the World: Advice and Ideas for Voyaging Under Sail

    by Hal Roth

  • Nigel Calder's Cruising Handbook: A Compendium for Coastal and Offshore Sailors

    by Nigel Calder

  • Cruising on Seraffyn

    by Lin Pardey