My first boat time was family cruising on Chesapeake Bay. But I got the sailing bug in college on my first blue water delivery from the Virgin Islands to Galveston, TX. That led to becoming a sailmaker where I was first exposed to racing, a passion I maintain to this day. I've had some success with it, but the real rewards are in the joy of making the boat go right, of noticing that cracking the jib sheet 1/4" gained you 1/4 knot of speed and 1/2 degree of height.

For me, OCSC's passion for the sport is the same as mine. While we teach all facets of boating, it is the pure joy of sailing that drives us. That shared passion makes every day teaching at OCSC as rewarding as a podium finish at a big regatta.

Favorite Sailing Books

  • Anything written

    by Patrick O'Brien

  • Speed And Smarts

    by David Dellenvaugh