My first sail was on Lake Tahoe in 1970 on a Ghost 13. Since then I’ve raced and cruised Lakes, SF Bay, coastal California, and the Pacific to Hawaii on boats from 8 to 65 feet. I started teaching sailing in 1980 and haven’t stopped learning. I see sailing as a quest for harmony: a blending of wind, waves, tides, currents, meteorology, astronomy, boat, sails, crew, self-sufficiency and self-awareness to produce notes of “living resiliently in the present”. And, as harmonies can be soft or harsh, soothing or discordant, calming or inciting, predictable or surprising, so it is with sailing. The science of sailing is straight forward – the art of it is eternal. OCSC has assembled the greatest eclectic enthusiastic life-long practitioners of the sport to be found anywhere. There is a bond between staff, instructors, students where the roles of teaching and learning are continuously blended. Life-long learning at its best!

Favorite Sailing Books

  • The Long Way

    by Bernard Moitessier

  • Sailing Alone Around the World

    by Joshua Slocum

  • A World of My Own

    by Robin Knox-Johnston