When I was eight years old my dad bought an eleven foot Styrofoam lateen rigged catboat. It came with a little "how to" instruction book which was good because neither of us knew anything about sailing. Our family had a cabin at Clearlake so I learned the basics there. I would get dropped off at the beach with the boat, my lunch, my nose covered with zinc oxide (the internet and sunscreen didn't exist yet) and a dime to call my dad to come get me when I returned (no cell phones yet either). I loved the freedom of steering my boat anywhere on the lake and the sense of accomplishment and responsibility of getting myself back home, too. Since then I've been racing on San Francisco Bay, Chartering in the San Juan Islands, Italy, Spain and the Caribbean. My next act is to unplug my wife and son and sail Europe on my own boat until its not fun anymore. Yes, my wife knew this was coming and still married me.

Favorite Sailing Books

  • Post Captain

    by Patrick O'Brian

  • The Voyager's Handbook

    by Beth A. Leonard

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