Prior to the summer of 2011, Tina had no sailing experience whatsoever. It was then that she decided to fulfill a long-time dream and joined OCSC to learn how to sail. Today when asked why she sails, Tina's reply is "Why do I breathe?" Having grown up on the ocean (and a Pisces, incidentally), Tina finds sailing to be an all-encompassing sensory smorgasbord of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and mental challenge. She says, "Being out on the water makes one become acutely aware of everything; the brilliant sparkle of sunshine reflecting off the water, the beauty of a fiery sunset; the sound of waves splashing against the hull of the boat and sails snapping in the breeze; the tantalizing scent of the sea and taste of salt in the air. These images, and the challenge of learning the art of sailing and the skills necessary to be out there safely and with proficiency give me the freedom to feel fully present in the moment."

Tina is excited about working at OCSC with interesting, engaging people, both staff and club members, and finds it rewarding to be part of an organization whose management and staff are top-notch professionals, and whose primary mission is to ensure that OCSC provides the best possible sailing experience for its students and members.

Favorite Sailing Books

  • Blue Horizon

    by Wilbur Smith

  • Two on a Big Ocean

    by Hal Roth