The Galapagos Archipelago, first visited by Charles Darwin 151 years ago aboard the bark Beagle is a wildlife paradise still largely intact due to its protection as an Ecuadorian National Park.

Rising out of the Pacific Ocean 600 miles west of the coast of Ecuador, the islands are host to abundant and exceptional wildlife that has no fear of man, and there is no place on earth where one can wander among the crags, the lava flows and the beaches, and not feel like an intruder.

The underwater world is as fascinating as what is above. Snorkeling is superb, with a dazzling array of tropical fish, marina iguanas, penguins (yes, there are penguins in the Galapagos-although not as many as in Antarctica, one must say) and sea lion pups that cavort around you playing underwater tag.

Aboard the deluxe motor sailing yacht Mary Anne, we will cruise, and explore much like Darwin did. The pace is unhurried, and island crossings will be made mostly at night, so as to give us maximum daytime to hike, swim, snorkel and even kayak for those interested,

An experienced naturalist will guide and help us understand a myriad of aspects of this unique corner of the world, making lifelong nature enthusiasts and conservationists of us along the way.

The trip dates are November 8 to 17. Arrive in Quito November 8 to rest and see the beauty of Quito, Fly to Galapagos from Quito on November 10, Fly back to Quito on November 17. Join our planning party to learn more on this amazing expedition.

Trip leaders are Cecilia Trost and Rich Jepsen.

6:30–7:00pm Mix & Mingle
7:00–9:30pm Presentation & Info Session