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What is required of me before I can charter a boat with OCSC?

OCSC charters its boats exclusively to OCSC Members. (This is one of the reasons why the fleet is in such excellent condition!) Basic Cruising certification is required to charter our boats under 30’, and Bareboat Cruising certification is required to charter boats over 30’.

What type of boats does OCSC have available for charter?

OCSC has over 50 well-maintained boats in the charter fleet, ranging in size from 24’ to 82’. Our fleet offers everything from training boats to sport boats to large yachts ideal for extended overnight cruises.

I haven’t sailed with OCSC but I’m an experienced sailor. Can I charter OCSC boats?

You'll want to be a member of OCSC and achieve, or challenge, the certification level required for the boat type you wish to sail in order to charter an OCSC boat. Challenging a certification starts with a Bay review, a three-hour session on-the-water with an instructor who will evaluate your sailing skills. This will help you determine what level you should challenge by taking the practical test (on-the-water) for that level. When you pass the practical test and relevant written tests, you can receive US Sailing certification and OCSC charter privileges for boats at that level. Then you're good to go!

Who can I take sailing once I'm checked out to charter OCSC boats?

Once you’re checked out to charter OCSC boats, you can take your family, friends, colleagues, and your new OCSC friends out sailing as often as you wish. For your first two charters with us, we’ll ask that you have another appropriately certified member on board, along with a third adult.

Where can I go sailing when I charter a boat?

The entire San Francisco Bay is available to you! From our location in the Berkeley Marina, a typical day cruise might include a sail to Angel Island for lunch, then over to Sausalito with a reach across the Bay inside of the Golden Gate Bridge, down the San Francisco city front, ending with a beautiful downwind run back to OCSC. Or you can check out McCovey Cove at AT&T Park, visit the restaurants and view the container ships along the Oakland/Alameda Estuary, explore the Sacramento River Delta, or even head up to Petaluma. OCSC training will prepare you to confidently handle the wind, tides, currents, and traffic that make San Francisco Bay among the most challenging, yet exciting sailing venues in the world.

What charter options do you offer?

You can charter a boat for a full-day (23 hours, 9 am to 8 am next day) at any time. We also offer a special “Weekender” charter that allows you to have the boat from 4 pm Friday to 8 am Monday. Half-day charters (any four-hour period) are available on weekdays year-round and weekends November through March.

If I am qualified to charter but need crew, can OCSC help me?

Yes. One of the main benefits of being an OCSC member is gaining access to the “Crew List.” The Crew List is an online email exchange among our members and a very successful way to connect with crewmembers or skippers. Everyone benefits by sharing the crew work, cost, and fun of chartering, while meeting new sailing friends!

I am planning a visit to the Bay Area and would like to go sailing. How can I charter a boat from OCSC?

OCSC offers “skippered charters” for those wishing to get out sailing on San Francisco Bay with a professional captain aboard. A skippered charter accommodates up to six guests, along with one of our professional skippers/instructors, on the boat of your choice. You will be able to get as involved as you want: take the wheel, work the lines, or sit back and relax. You can choose your itinerary and destination, or we will put a cruise together for you. Your skipper will have the boat ready when you arrive. Feel free to call a Club Manager at 800.223.2984 for more information about our skippered charters.

My goal is to charter a boat in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, or elsewhere in paradise. How can OCSC help me realize this dream?

There are a variety of ways OCSC can help prepare you for a bareboat charter in any of the wonderful sailing destinations around the world. Our course program can help you achieve the US Sailing Bareboat Cruising certification, recognized by leading charter companies in many locations. US Sailing certification from OCSC will make it easier and faster for you to checkout for a bareboat charter (without a skipper aboard for your vacation!). If you’re already certified in Bareboat Cruising or have equivalent experience, Bay reviews can help get you in shape for your charter. OCSC also offers private lessons in which you can focus specifically on the skills most required of you with a bareboat charter. And finally, OCSC organizes several flotillas each year to locations such as the British Virgin Islands, Tahiti, and Croatia! OCSC books the charter fleet and helps you with all arrangements, from travel to provisioning. What better way to enjoy bareboat chartering than with fellow OCSC sailors!

Does OCSC charter boats for corporate events?

Yes! OCSC has a Corporate Events department that specializes in organizing and hosting a variety of sailing events for corporate teambuilding, employee recognition and reward and client entertainment. OCSC’s staff will work with you to develop a customized program for your event, including multiple boats with professional skippers and full sailing gear, use of our clubroom overlooking San Francisco Bay for meetings or presentations, an outdoor barbeque and picnic area, and complete catering.