Fleet Service

OCSC’s fleet service department

The backbone of our operation, this department has the awesome responsibility of keeping our enormous fleet in top condition. Service technicians spend their days on the boats repairing and cleaning, performing all the major and minor tasks that a large fleet demands. Apart from caring for the boats, fleet service exists to support your sailing experience. Whenever you have a question about a boat or local conditions, fleet service is a great resource.

100-hour engine service

All of our diesel engines get serviced every 100 hours by a mechanic in this department. A part of our preventative maintenance program, we change the engine oil, replace the fuel filters, install a new water pump impeller, change the belts, check the alternator, and inspect the transmission and propulsion systems. A dependable engine inspires confidence out on the Bay!

Stepping a mast

The conditions on San Francisco Bay demand that we maintain our fleet to the highest standards. Our boats are sailed regularly in 20 to 30 knots of breeze. Fleet service takes special precautions to make certain our boats are up to the challenge. For example, throughout the marine industry, riggers generally recommend that standing rigging be replaced every seven years. Here at OCSC, we install new standing rigging at five-year intervals.

Going aloft

A service technician goes aloft for a bird’s eye view of the rig. Another aspect of our preventative maintenance regime, we perform thorough rig inspections to find developing problems before they happen. In addition to rig inspections and engine services, fleet service closely monitors the condition of all boat systems. Steering cables and sail controls, electrical and plumbing, we do our best to ensure that you will have a trouble-free experience on the water.

Yard work

Each boat is on a two-year haul out schedule. The boat comes out of the water for five days of work. The fleet service team sands the bottom and applies two new coats of antifouling paint. Any necessary fiberglass work is completed, and minor gelcoat dings are repaired. On our bigger boats, we check the cutlass bearing and replace the sacrificial metals that protect the propeller and shaft from corrosion. In between these yard vacations, a professional diver cleans and inspects our fleet to keep you moving swiftly through the water.

No hassle sailing

In addition to boat maintenance and repair, we service each boat after every use. All systems are checked for safety and functionality, and the boats are thoroughly cleaned. When you arrive, the boats are fueled up and ready to go for a full day of sailing. We do the hard work so you don’t have to!

Winch service

The salty marine environment wreaks havoc on moving parts. A regular cleaning plus some grease and oil for lubrication keeps the mechanical parts of this winch moving freely.

A constant presence

Open seven days a week and year round, fleet service is always available to help. Whether its help with casting off, an introduction to an unfamiliar boat, or advice about wind conditions and sail plan, take advantage of their sailing knowledge and everyday experience with the boats.

A final thought

We work in OCSC’s fleet service department because we enjoy working on boats and with people. We work hard but manage to have a good time in the process. With varying levels of experience, we happily share what we know and strive to improve our knowledge. And at the end of the day, there’s a fair chance you’ll catch us heading out for a quick sail!

Meet the Service Department Team