OCSC Sailing in the Press

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

The Skipper

"On San Francisco Bay winds regularly blow 25 knots and swirling tides create a chop that can turn even high-tech mega-yachts into floundering bathtub boats. This 400-square-mile inland sea has been called the Mount Everest of sailing - which makes it the perfect place for Anthony Sandberg to operate a sailing school..."

Diablo Magazine

Best of the East Bay

"It doesn’t take long for a sunny sail on San Francisco Bay to turn into a windy adventure. That’s why it’s nice to have Anthony Sandberg at the helm: The president and founder of the Berkeley-based OCSC Sailing club and school is as comfortable in blue skies, regaling novice sailors with old yarns, as he is guiding you safely back into port in near-zero visibility."