OCSC Sailing School

Advanced Skippers

If you think you might want to become independent on the water and learn enough to captain your own yacht, OCSC can help make that dream a reality. These courses -- the heart of OCSC’s renowned training program -- will fully prepare you to become skipper yachts of different sizes and in all sorts of different locations. If you have serious goals as a sailor, boat ownership, international chartering, or long distance cruising, or if you just want to take friends and family out on the Bay, start here.

OCSC Advanced Basic Cruising
Advanced Basic Cruising

Leave the outboard motor behind and earn how to get out of a tight bind the way our ancestors did.

OCSC Advanced Bareboat Cruising
Advanced Bareboat Cruising

Take your cruising skills to the next level. Once you're done with this course, you'll be able to moor in the Med like a pro.

OCSC Night Sailing Course
Night Sailing Course

Sail out into the sunset and stay on the Bay after dark. A must-do if you want watch the lights twinkle onshore.

OCSC Seminars

Drill down into a specific subject with these short and to-the-point classes.

OCSC Private Lesson
Private Lessons

Sometimes an intensive lesson with an instructor is just what you need to master a particular skill.

OCSC Catamaran Course
Catamaran Course

Sailing fast, sailing flat. In the tropics or on the Bay, this is where sailing leisure really kicks in.