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Advanced Basic Cruising

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OCSC's "Advanced Basic Cruising Course"

OCSC's "Advanced Basic Cruising Course" (Seamanship Under Sail)

Our Advanced Basic Cruising class is a pure sailing course -- no motoring allowed -- and will take your sailboat handling proficiency to the next level by teaching you how to sail a boat with precision. Learn to perform traditional sailboat skills, such as docking, anchoring and mooring under sail. Improve your confidence and skill by practicing technical and "out of the box" maneuvers such as sailing blindfolded and using other senses to control the boat, steering by sails alone, getting in and out of irons, and sailing backwards. You will be armed with an exquisite and expanded sense of the boat's and your own limits as you push the envelop of precision, close quarters sailing and develop a new set of problem solving, decision making and sensory skills. You will be able to be creative with your boathandling, using advanced skills to recover from a variety of tight situations with complete confidence in yourself and the boat.

Learn to perform the following maneuvers under sail:

  • Sailing on and off a mooring: A great way to bridge your BC skills in controlled sailing to this new level.
  • Dropping and weighing anchor: Develops teamwork in the crew, is very stylish and creates a safety tool.
  • Docking and departing from a slip under sail: Learn to do this with grace and style...in front of an audience.
  • Steering by sails alone: Enhance your sense of how weather helm can be used.
  • The art of sailing with no sails and no wind: How does rocking a boat move it forward?
  • Tacking the J/24 in her own length: Sail between X and Y dock and amaze bystanders by tacking back out.
  • Going from full speed to stopped in a boat length: It can be done....without hitting anything!
  • Tack and gybe slalom: Build confidence in aggressive turns -- push the boat and yourself to make each gate.
  • Sailing blindfolded: Build sensitivity to different types of motion and to the feel of the wind.
  • Sailing backwards: Thought sailing forward was fun? See what happens when you're in reverse.

Successful completion prepares you to:

  • Sail boats with more confidence than you had imagined possible.
  • Fully respond to new and different problems, crises and challenges with a full understanding of what the boat can do for you.
  • More fully enjoy the sport by having your other senses awakened and fine-tuned.
  • Improve your confidence and comfort sailing very close to docks and moored boats
  • Win bets when friends tell you a boat can't sail backwards!

Class Information


  • Member: $521.25
  • Retail: $695

# of students:

  • 4 maximum



  • Two Days
    Saturday & Sunday
    9 am - 4 pm


Basic Cruising certification or equivalent experience.

(We also recommend sufficient skippering experience to fully enjoy this course.)



May 2017

Seamanship Under Sail

  1. Sat, 27th 9:00am Day 1
  2. Sun, 28th 9:00am Day 2

June 2017

Seamanship Under Sail

  1. Sat, 17th 9:00am Day 1
  2. Sun, 18th 9:00am Day 2

July 2017

Seamanship Under Sail

  1. Sat, 8th 9:00am Day 1
  2. Sun, 9th 9:00am Day 2
  3. Sat, 29th 9:00am Day 1
  4. Sun, 30th 9:00am Day 2

August 2017

Seamanship Under Sail

  1. Sat, 19th 9:00am Day 1
  2. Sun, 20th 9:00am Day 2

September 2017

Seamanship Under Sail

  1. Sat, 9th 9:00am Day 1
  2. Sun, 10th 9:00am Day 2
  3. Sat, 30th 9:00am Day 1

October 2017

Seamanship Under Sail

  1. Sun, 1st 9:00am Day 2
  2. Sat, 21st 9:00am Day 1
  3. Sun, 22nd 9:00am Day 2