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Asymm. Spinnaker 101B

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OCSC's Big Boat Asymmetrical Spinnaker course

OCSC's "Big Boat Asymmetrical Spinnaker" course

After a weekend on the J/105, you'll surely appreciate what this incredible performance yacht can do! Due in large part to its construction, both above and below the waterline, this asymmetrical sport boat offers a steady ride at incredible speeds. Not many boats rival its upwind as well as down wind performance.

Topics Covered:

  • Utilizing hydraulic backstay adjusters
  • Proper use of the retractable bowsprit
  • Managing the folding propeller
  • Coarse and fine tune mainsheet assemblies
  • Setting the Asymmetrical Spinnaker
  • Asymmetrical spinnaker trimming
  • Sailing low with an assymetrical effectively
  • Inside-out gybing of the asymmetrical spinnaker
  • Dousing the asymmetrical spinnaker safely to leeward and to windward
  • Heavy weather sail trim
  • Apparent wind fluctuations at speed
  • Broach avoidance
  • Broach recovery
  • Using the wind direction and speed instruments to fine tune your performance

Successful completion prepares you to:

  • Charter the J/105 with the spinnaker to enjoy pure speed sailing in comfort with other sailor friends.
  • Charter the J/105 without the spinnaker to give your friends who are new to sailing a thrill with comfort and ease.
  • Immediately become a knowledgable and attractive crew person for the burgeoning J/105 racing fleet on SF Bay.

Good to know:

  • You will learn more and have a better chance of performing well enough to be certified in spinnaker handling if you have, in addition to the normal prerequisites, a few days of chartering on boats over 30' here at OCSC, elsewhere, or skippering experience on your own boat of that size.
  • We often ask the crew to consider spending the day out on the boat and eating lunch while aboard and underway to maximize learning time. If you need/prefer to have a shoreside break, that is quite okay, just let the staff know in advance and we will advise the instructor.
  • The upper wind limit for flying the J/105 asymmetrical spinnaker at OCSC is 18 knots. If you plan to charter the boat with the spinnaker, the insurance deductible is higher. Check with the office for details.

Class Information


  • Member: $521.25
  • Retail: $695

# of students:

  • 6 maximum



  • Two Days
    Saturday & Sunday
    9 am - 4 pm


Bareboat Cruising Certification or equivalent experience.

(Spinnaker 101A and/or Asymm 101A are also recommended.)



July 2017

Asymmetrical Spinnaker 101B

  1. Sat, 22nd 9:00am Day 1
  2. Sun, 23rd 9:00am Day 2

September 2017

Asymmetrical Spinnaker 101B

  1. Sat, 23rd 9:00am Day 1
  2. Sun, 24th 9:00am Day 2