OCSC Sailing School

Coastal & Offshore

There's a whole wide world of blue water beyond the Golden Gate, but you need to study navigation and passagemaking to sail it. Then sail under the bridge and enter the vast and amazing world of the wide-open Pacific Ocean.

Coastal and Offshore Experiences and Adventures

OCSC Daysail Out the Gate
Daysail Out the Gate

Depending on the conditions, navigate in the shipping lanes or up the Marin coast.

OCSC  Farallones One-Day Adventure
Farallones One-Day Adventure

Get a taste of classic schooner sailing and get to know the wildlife of the Farallones, 25 miles off the coast.

OCSC  Drake's Bay Two-Day Adventure
Drake's Bay Two-Day Adventure

Spend a whole weekend sailing the old-fashioned way, following the blue water path of Sir Francis Drake.

OCSC  Ocean Adventure
Ocean Adventure

This 5 day, 4 night 'ocean sail' is the perfect way to gain more coastal and offshore experience.

Courses to prepare you for Coastal Cruising:

OCSC  Coastal Navigation
Coastal Navigation

While in earlier courses you'll learn the basics of navigation, in this course you'll master all the subtle secrets of the most ancient of maritime skills.

OCSC  Coastal Passagemaking
Coastal Passagemaking

Between here and Acapulco, rocky shores and fog can challenge even the most seasoned sailors. Learn safe long distance coastal cruising in the most challenging section of coast in the US.

Courses to prepare you for Offshore Cruising:

OCSC  Celestial Navigation
Celestial Navigation

Sailing by the stars, as our ancestors did, is both an art and a science. Learn to sail your way from the Big Dipper to the Southern Cross. This is also a prerequisite for our Offshore Passagemaking course.

OCSC  Offshore Passagemaking
Offshore Passagemaking

Open sea calls. If you plan to join the rugged sailing elite and cross an ocean blue, then you need to challenge your hard-earned skills off the coast of California.