This course requires Small Boat Asymmetrical Spinnaker

Take your advanced sailing skills to a new and exciting level in OCSC's J/105 Race Weekend! In this two day long clinic, you'll learn the fundamentals of racing through on-the-water training aboard one of our J/105s culminating in your participation in an actual race on San Francisco Bay.

J/105 Race Weekend at OCSC introduces you to the world of racing in a way that helps you understand what is going on at all times during a race, and from every vantage point on the boat. You'll have the rare opportunity to gain experience in each race position, preparing you to join just about any race boat on the bay.

Day 1 starts with an onshore racing clinic so that you learn what is happening at each stage of a typical race. The rest of the morning consists of on-the-water training in performance crew work and mark rounding. The afternoon will consist of race simulation.

Day 2 starts with a clinic on starting line tactics and timing. You'll then head out to practice starts and run through a short warm up race. With each date we will meet at a different area in the San Francisco Bay to begin our Race!

  • Basic Racing Rules

  • Improving Starts

  • Racing crew work

  • Racing strategy and tactics

  • Wind and Current from a racing perspective.

  • See All
  • Performance sailing, both upwind and downwind.

  • 2
    Full Weekend

    Saturday and Sunday, 9am–5pm

  • Free Use of Spray Gear

    OCSC is the only school in the Bay Area that provides you with waterproof gear to make sure you stay dry and comfortable while learning without having to add a few hundred dollars in gear to the expense of learning to sail. We loan you waterproof pants and jacket along with a comfortable, Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device in every course you take with us.