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Most people, whether they know it or not, have a goal in mind when they take up sailing. If you’re starting from square one, maybe you just want to dip a big toe into a sport you’ve always wondered about from the shore. Or, if you’re further along in your learning curve, maybe you dream of becoming certified by US Sailing, winning your first race, or taking a cruise in an exotic location.

Love sailingGoal: I wanted to try the sport.

Maybe this sport will change your life, but maybe it won't. While we all love sailing, that doesn't mean it's for everyone. See how you can find out if sailing is for you.

Become OCSC crew

Goal: I wanted to become confident crew.

Tired of sitting on the sidelines when onboard? We'll teach you what to do when the skipper tells you to get ready to tack, and you'll enjoy sailing all the more.

S.F. Bay Skipper

Goal: I wanted to become a skipper.

Taking your friends, family , or co-workers out sailing on San Francisco Bay is a goal that many people in the Bay Area share. Living here and not sailing is like living in Colorado and not skiing!

Sailing vacations

Goal: I wanted to skipper on sailing vacations.

Make your dream of leading friends and family on the vacation of a lifetime a reality.

OCSC sailing certification

Goal: I wanted to receive an official certification.

There's nothing like climbing the ladder of certifications -- then you're stamped for approval to sail almost anywhere!

Sailing race

Goal: I wanted to race.

Got a competitive streak? Love to go fast? Want to join a racing club? Then check out our racing courses.

Purchase a sailboat

Goal: We wanted to buy a boat.

Boat ownership is a huge investment for most people, both in terms of money and labor. So when you own it, make sure you know how to enjoy it to its full potential, and safely.

Cruise the world

Goal: I wanted to cruise the world.

You're not alone -- exploring the seven seas by wind and current is a closely held dream of so many sailors. Learn everything you need to with these courses.