OCSC Sailing School

Experienced Sailors

Experienced sailorsYou don't have to start at the beginning.

We can help determine where the best place for you to start is, and if we find that you can skip part or all of our curriculum, we'll be glad we took the time to make sure we don't waste yours.

Call or email us so that we can help you determine the best course to take:


(9-5 pm, seven days a week)

These are some of the reasons that many people with experience do start at the beginning...

  • ...it's been a long time since they've sailed.
  • ...they want to be sure to fill in any the holes in their education.
  • ...our training is thorough and our standards are the highest in North America.
  • ...our class sizes are so small that our instructors are able to work at students' pace.
  • ...San Francisco Bay is challenging, and people want a solid foundation to build upon.

We want you to be in the right class.

That means you should be challenged, but not in over your head. When you’re in a class that fits your needs, you’ll be happy and able to learn at the right pace -- and that’s our number one goal for each person we work with.