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What's the difference between a one-day and a two-day workshop?

One-day workshops are very narrowly focused on a specific set of knowledge, skills, or attitudes that can be changed. Team members talk about the specific challenge and then practice and test their skills on the water. Two-day workshops are more indepth and intensive, simply giving more time to acquire new knowledge, analyze problems and solutions, and learn and practice new skills.

How are sailing workshops different from the sailing events?

Sailing events are activity-based learning events with a theme related to your learning objectives. They rely largely on the skills and knowledge that your team members bring with them -- we provide the setting for them to explore and apply those skills in new, challenging situations. Learning is rooted in participation and in sharing. Taking a team away from the office for a thrilling day on the water conveys value and appreciation, and putting them on a sailboat promotes bonding and good communication -- that's a sailing event.

Workshops, on the other hand, draw on our Consulting and Training faculty of business consultants (who are also deeply experienced sailors). They bring an average of 20 years of business consulting experience to this hybrid sailing/consulting work. They are equally at home in a boardroom and onboard. Compared to a sailing event, workshops deliver powerful insights about your organization and about your people. Sailing is used to demonstrate and model learning applications and practices. We have developed a model that seamlessly integrates experiential learning with sailing to create organizational and personal development. The OCSC learning workshops are a multi-dimensional approach to team development and rapid skill development.

For companies with specific challenges around change, performance, communication and team dynamics, a consultant-led workshop combines powerful learning technologies with an environment that puts new ideas to the test in real-time and real-action. The workshops begin on land in conference rooms with facilitators who get teams engaged with performance issues and new tools. Then in the afternoon, the teams board high-performance racing yachts to put their new skills into practice. It's an intense experience -- one with a high sense of perceived risk but low actual risk. Over and over again, we've seen the drama of the experience accelerate and anchor powerful new learning. We've seen over time that these experiences transfer into the workplace with surprising effectiveness. That's why so many of our workshop clients return for more and often become skilled sailors as well.