Your Objectives

Leaders bring their people to OCSC

Leaders bring their people to OCSC when they want to...

Recognize and reward their people for a job well done.

Your people have worked hard, done a good job and deserve to celebrate. Do something special to let them know how important they are to your success. Sometimes a team just needs to take time out and have some fun.

Build team unity and insight through experiential learning (that is fun and challenging).

Your people work well together, but you know they haven't yet reached the "next level". If they know each other better, often the payoff is improved results and increased satisfaction for all employees. When co-workers become more familiar with each other, they become more trusting and productive. And everyone needs to reenergize and refill their sails.

Increase their team's skills, knowledge and capacity for high performance.

Your team is good, and you believe in cultivating an atmosphere of ongoing learning. Providing your team with the skills and knowledge it needs to work most effectively together can be one of the best investments you can make, whether it winds up improving communication, decision-making or problem-solving skills.

Experiential learning can help your team:

  • Operate efficiently

  • Increase productivity

  • Collaborate better

  • Communicate clearly

  • Learn quickly

  • Value diverse skills

  • Achieve bold goals

  • Embrace change

Team development

Team development is crucial when you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • Forming a new team
  • New team leader is joining an existing team
  • Team composition is changing (new members, merger, loss, etc)
  • Team is facing new challenges (organizational, technical, significant change, etc.)
  • Improved communication is needed within a team
  • You have good people but disappointing results
  • Conflict is negatively impacting team results
  • Problem solving is not producing effective solutions

OCSC is a powerful learning laboratory that will help you and your
organization achieve peak performance on the water and on land.


OCSC is a powerful learning laboratory

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