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Boating and business are more alike than you might think -- both require excellent communication, timing, planning and quick thinking. OCSC's workshops improve your team's results using sailing knowledge and skills. With an OCSC workshop, your group will learn and test new skills in the context of sailing, which is both fun and challenging. We customize each learning workshop to fit your circumstances and objectives. Here's an outline of the core workshop topics and outcomes:

Communication - OCSC Teambuilding


Just like a boat crew, no business team can be effective without good communication. High performing teams know that sharing the right information with the right people at the right time is critical. In our communication workshop, team members explore outcome-based communication, why and how communication works-or doesn't work, and experience first-hand the difference authentic communication can make on the ocean and on the job.

Problem Solving - OCSC Teambuilding

Problem Solving

If you see storm clouds gathering on the horizon, how are you going to deal with it? Just like sailors, business teams need to constantly be on the lookout to identify and solve problems. These workshops are rooted in extensive research on how teams solve problems effectively, and what skills are needed for top-notch problem-solving. These skills are powerfully demonstrated in real-time conditions on San Francisco Bay.

Team Development - OCSC Teambuilding

Team Development

Great teams don't just happen -- rather, they form and grow with deep values, authentic respect and shared skills. These workshops focus on what stages a team goes through to achieve optimal results and how to move a team from one level of performance to the next both at sea and at work.

Shackelton Leadership Adventure - OCSC Teambuilding

Shackelton Leadership Adventure

This day-long adventure on San Francisco Bay is inspired by the amazing true story of the Endurance and her crew. Both on and off the water, your team will explore relevant and applicable lessons in leadership and teamwork.

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