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We choose the best destinations...

...and the best dates, then we reserve several boats for the location. For example, recent flotillas have explored Greece, Tonga, Mexico and the British Virgin Islands.

Flotilla & Planning Party calendarThen the planning begins...

...a whole year before the flotilla departure date! We host a series of planning parties to explain the details and answer questions from anyone interested in going with us. Some members choose to reserve a whole boat with their friends and family; some hook up with other singles or couples to form their own boat; while still others charter a cabin on a boat skippered by an OCSC instructor. In the planning meetings, you'll decide which option works best for you, and you'll meet potential shipmates, other skippers, and the OCSC personnel who will lead the flotilla.

When all the boats and crews are set...'re ready to enjoy flotilla sailing that meets you where you are with your sailing skills. Flotilla charters are ideal for first-time skippers, since OCSC helps in cruise planning, introduces individuals to others interested in sharing a yacht, and sends an experienced OCSC group leader along. This type of "buddy-boating" offers security -- a primary reason for flotilla-style chartering -- but it also makes it easier to participate and helps lower airfares with group rates. And with "buddy-boating" guided by OCSC, the whole process is immediately less stressful and much more enjoyable.