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OCSC's Tonga Flotilla

The Kingdom of TongaOCSC Tonga Flotilla

Picture the romance and beauty of the South Pacific combined with the relaxed sailing conditions of the British Virgin Islands. It exists here, in a sailors' paradise like no other -- the idyllic island Kingdom of Tonga. It's a brilliant blue expanse where 170 islands glitter to create a cruising ground with line-of-sight sailing, spectacular snorkeling and soft, unspoiled beaches. These secluded islands are home to the most gentle and welcoming people on earth, a peaceful world known only to the world's most fortunate sailors.

OCSC Tonga Flotilla"The Friendly Islands"

This was the honorary title offered by Captain Cook in 1777, and today's visitors are quick to agree. The warm welcome of these enchanting people is matched only by the appeal of the effortless cruising. Tongan feasts are famous throughout the Pacific, featuring up to 30 dishes and a torchlit celebration of dancing and singing. Once aboard your yacht, the welcome continues out at sea, thanks to predictable trade winds, crystal-clear waters and more than 50 anchorages all within an easy day's sail. Just below the surface of these perpetually calm waters, you'll find a colorful realm which invites you to don mask, snorkel and fins for the experience of a lifetime.

OCSC Tonga Flotilla

Hear the Songs of the Whales

Leaving Neiafu Harbour, sail a scenic and sheltered course west to Nuapapapu and Mariners Cave. The cave's entrance is underwater through an arch, a dive no more challenging than a swim under your keel. Head south to Vaka'eitu and stop at the coral reef gardens to snorkel over the impossibly brilliant corals. On the island of Euakafa you'll discover the mystery of ancient tombs. A trip to Pangaimotu is highlighted by an authentic Polynesian feast on Hinakawe'a Beach. Sail southwest to Euaiki and wait for low tide and the finest shelling in the South Pacific. Sail north to Kapa's Port Maurelle for a dinghy trip to Swallows Cave, where swift birds dart through an opening at the top. Offshore, the deeper waters are a breeding refuge for humpback whales between July and November. The whales repeat complex phrases and themes, creating songs that will echo in your memory for a lifetime.