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Charter Yachts


  • Club Membership

    Club Membership

    By owning a boat in the OCSC Sailing fleet, you are entitled to full membership privileges for you and your family members living at home. Substantial discounts on class, activites and charters of other yachts are just some of the benefits.

  • Fleet


    OCSC has over 50 professionally-maintained boats in the charter fleet, ranging in size from 24’ to 82’. Our fleet offers everything from training boats to sport boats to large yachts ideal for extended overnight cruises.

  • Instructors


    Knowing how to sail is one thing, but knowing how to teach sailing is another. OCSC’s captains are among the best qualified and most prepared teachers in the industry. We also have the largest number of instructor trainers and master instructor trainers on staff in the country.

  • Duration


    Varying program lengths are available, depending on the owner's desires and the age of the boat when it enters the program. Typically, used boats stay in the charter program from three to four years, and new boats remain active for five to seven years.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    You’ll be met in the front office by a team of smiling faces who are there to help answer any questions you may have about OCSC courses, membership, chartering or any of our other services.

  • Class Sizes

    Class Sizes

    Our low student to teacher ratio ensures that you get just the right amount of hands-on experience. Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising classes have a maximum of three students and one instructor per boat. While there will sometimes be less, there will never be more.

Featured Yachts

We have the largest fleet in a single location on the West Coast, giving you wide range of options for sailing the Bay.

Bareboat Charters for OCSC Members.

Our members enjoy the benefit of renting from our fleet of over 50 yachts. Learn more about Membership

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    Under 30'

    Basic Cruising Certification

    Yachts under 30’ require a Basic Cruising Certification

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    Over 30'

    Bareboat Cruising Certification

    Yachts 30’ and over require a Bareboat Cruising Certification

Not qualified to sail on your own?

Just sit back and enjoy the sights or sail the boat yourself – our captains are happy to accommodate.

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    Skippered Charters

    Holidays, Celebrations, Birthdays & more

    Every yacht in our fleet is available for charter with a US Coast Guard licensed captain aboard. You have a choice of full-day or half-day.

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    Team Building

    Team Building Sailing Events

    Sailing is an activity rich with business needs like teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving, and solid leadership.

Meet Our Fleet Service Team

Our Fleet Service team knows each boat from bow to stern and keel to mast.