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Boat Ownership

Why Our Charter Yacht Program Makes Sense

  • Location & Campus

    Location & Campus

    OCSC Sailing is located in the heart of San Francisco Bay, directly across the Bay from the Golden Gate Bridge, in the Berkeley Marina. Our location is unique in that it allows you to be sailing in minutes in one the world’s premier sailing venues, in the best wind it has to offer.

  • Club Membership

    Club Membership

    By owning a boat in the OCSC Sailing fleet, you are entitled to full membership privileges for you and your family members living at home. Substantial discounts on class, activites and charters of other yachts are just some of the benefits.

  • Duration


    Varying program lengths are available, depending on the owner's desires and the age of the boat when it enters the program. Typically, used boats stay in the charter program from three to four years, and new boats remain active for five to seven years.

  • Sailing Time

    Sailing Time

    You are free to reserve your yacht for your own use whenever you like. We'll make sure your yacht is pristine and totally prepared for your arrival.

  • Guaranteed Income Sharing

    Guaranteed Income Sharing

    Every month, we'll send you an account of your yacht's activity and half of all funds that were collected from it's charter activity.

  • Professional Maintenance

    Professional Maintenance

    Your yacht will be maintained to the most rigorous standards in the business. Our own team of professionals work to the guidelines for which OCSC Sailing has become famous.

We Make It Easy

We understand the pride you take in ownership and we go through great lengths to ensure that you continue feeling it years down the road. We build lasting relationships with our owners by offering an unrivaled level of personal service and support.

OCSC helps you choose a yacht that:

  • Works well for San Francisco Bay
  • Is built well
  • Is fun to sail, and fits your needs
  • Is popular with members
  • Is equipped properly

We make boat ownership easy for you by:

  • Placing your boat into a robust revenue stream
  • Caring for your yacht so it's always ready to sail
  • Protecting your yacht's resale value
  • Giving you detailed accounts of your yacht's use
  • Advising you on your personal sailing goals

Ready to get started?

Join the fleet

Fleet Openings

We currently have openings for the placements of yachts into our fleet.
Every OCSC Sailing yacht is chosen for comfortable cruising and performance sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

We're looking for 24' to 50' boats from the following manufacturers:

  • Catalina
  • J Boats
  • Beneteau
  • Sabre
  • Tartan
  • Jeanneau
  • Pacific Seacraft
  • Hans Christian

Our Partners

We've chosen some strategic partnerships for your yachts' safety.
  • US Coast Guard
  • Vessel Assist
  • Bout U.S.
  • US Sailing