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Anthony Sandberg


Anthony founded OCSC in 1979.

An active sailor since early childhood in Hawaii, he has been enthralled with the sport. He has sought out sailing experiences around the world on every kind of craft from traditional native rigs like outriggers and dhows to dinghies, schooners and square riggers, modern Grand Prix racers, experimental hydrofoil flying machines, and even landsailors and iceboats. He has cruised in most of the dream locations around the world from the South Pacific, the Caribbean and Central America to the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, North Africa, and Asia.

The heritage, history, and traditions of the sport are a lifetime passion which more than anything he loves to share. His vision for OCSC was to provide a modern way to access the best of sailing in an approachable and affordable way. Starting with high-quality training and state of the art equipment, the Club has become a portal to a lifetime of adventure for many thousands of sailors. When he is not leading a club flotilla in places such as Greece or Tonga, or trying to sail a boat powered by kites or a dolphin, you'll find him here at the club, so ask for him and say hello. He'd like to get to know you.

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