Chris Childers


For me, sailing is a moving meditation, a refuge from an overstimulating world. Its low-impact but athletic, its academically stimulating but you can still do it with cool beverage in hand, and it's just about the fairest playing field of any competitive endeavor I've found.

My dad bought a boat the day after I was born, and I'm told I was sailing a week or so after that. I learned on my own at age 8 in a Sunfish on the Barnegat Bay in coastal New Jersey. I'd wave goodbye in the morning and be out all day, meet up with the neighborhood kids on their own little boats, bomb around the bay in our little boat gang, and be back for dinner (hopefully). It was such an amazing way to be a kid, back when kids were allowed to do such things...

I started teaching sailing when I was 16 at a local sailing summer camp and the rest is history really. I've taught in coastal New Jersey, Lake Champlain in Vermont, Penobscot Bay in Downeast Maine, the southwest coast of Florida and now here in San Francisco. I've never had a "real" job, and if all goes according to plan I'll be able to keep it that way.

I've sailed the Panama Canal, the Newport-Bermuda Race, got 2nd in the Disabled National Championships in 2014, 4th in the Blind Sailing World Championships (as a sighted guide), Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS) Club Champion in 2017, and many, many more DFLs!

I have taught sailing all over the San Francisco Bay and I am beyond excited to be stepping up to the plate here at OCSC.

Favorite Sailing Books