Sailing erases every other care and concern in life, letting me be fully present in the present. On the water, nature always has something new to offer — be it a brisk breeze and steep waves or a rare moment of calm and sunshine — it’s always a good day out. Sailing also provides me a sense of deep, rich community, and a perfect activity to connect with old friends and meet new ones.

I first sailed at seven years old, when my dad chartered a Newport 30 to sail to Catalina. Initially, I remember the roller coaster ride of the swells seeming scary. Then I saw the dolphins, leaping and playing in the water, and the fear was replaced with joy — for good. By high school I had a Snark strapped to the roof rack of my car. Later a Soling that I would often single-hand around the Bay, sharing sailing with my son from the moment I could strap his car seat into the boat.

The ability to share this passion with other people, to see them have their moments of joy on a boat, is what makes being an OCSC instructor so fulfilling.

Favorite Sailing Books

  • Two Years Before The Mast


  • Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage


  • Sailing Alone Around the World