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Dan Givens


Growing up, I sailed with my grandfather, a Navy flight instructor, on his Lido 14 in Oregon.  From those summer days, I developed an appreciation for and fascination with both sailing and flying.

However, I never really got serious about sailing until 2013, when I was inspired again.  A friend had purchased a 36-foot X-Yacht and he was looking for race crew.  I had recently “retired” from 10 years of playing roller hockey, and was looking for a new weekend hobby.  

Sailing might be the answer, I thought.

After a couple of months of weekly races, I was officially bitten by the sailing bug.  When I asked the skipper and crew where I could take lessons – they unanimously answered, “OCSC.  It’s the best.”  

After a bit of research, I agreed.  OCSC has a tremendous reputation for safety, seamanship, and spirit.  

So, in the summer of 2013, I enrolled in Basic Keelboat at OCSC and never looked back.  

In 2015, I was certified as Coastal Skipper and had nearly 100 charters under my belt.  I also resigned from my career in corporate finance, deciding to chart a new course for my life.  I wanted to focus on sailing, volunteering and traveling.  During the next two years, I lived in Thailand and Chile doing volunteer work and I completed my first ocean crossing from New Zealand to Fiji.

In 2017, I returned to San Francisco and joined the team at OCSC as a Sailing Instructor.  I was honored and thrilled to become part of the organization that I’d “grown up with” as a sailor.  

I still sail for fun, of course, and OCSC is very supportive of my continued development as a sailor. By 2020, I’d logged 10,000 ocean miles which include seven ocean crossings (South Pacific) and two 2-week charters in Croatia as part of the OCSC flotillas.  

What began as a weekend hobby has now become a way of life, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Sailing is physical, intellectual, social, graceful, environmental, and perhaps best of all, unpredictable! 

Check out my website at to read about my sailing, volunteering, and traveling adventures. 

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