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Sailing started for me as a father/son activity on the lakes in Utah and off the coast of Los Angeles. Early college boredom set in and I took off to the Caribbean to study on the 88' Schooner, Ocean Star. I found a job teaching sailing in the BVI at a teen summer program called ActionQuest. I stuck with them for seven years until I decided to find new sailing grounds.

Where could be better to hone sailing skills than the SF Bay? I found OCSC in the back of Latitude 38 and haven't looked back. I've been walking around the campus and sailing the various boats with a huge smile on my face. Everywhere I look and everyone I meet, staff and students alike, are united by the desire to understand wind, water and a little ingenuity.

Favorite Sailing Books

  • The Greatest Sailing Stories Ever Told

    by Christopher Caswell

  • South

    by Ernest Shackleton

  • The Arts of a Sailor

    by Harvey Smith