Mitchell James


Growing up in East England, I had a wonderfully exciting childhood, from thrilling cricket matches, to gripping croquet games and even enjoying the odd cucumber sandwich on an overcast summer's day.

I would consider myself to be always chasing the next adventure. So when the opportunity came for me to move to the U.S. 6 years ago and enlighten my eager sense of curiosity with pursuing the California dream. I had to take it.

After spending several years on the beach front in Santa Barbara, working on the ambulance, I knew it was finally time to embrace the next adventure. I packed my bags, grabbed my favourite sailing book and settled in for the journey ahead of me. Upon my arrival to the majestic bay area, I stepped out of my car, looked over the bay and was instantly greeted with 20 knots of wind, a thick wall of fog and an unimaginable sense of excitement. I knew I had found my home.

From that day on, I have been completely infatuated with sailing the SF bay. From big boats to small, there is nothing that brings a smile to my face quicker.

OCSC has not only been an incredible way to enjoy that passion, every day, but to also be able to share it, every day, with everyone I can, at the best club in the bay.

Favorite Sailing Books