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Rich Jepsen


I found my life's work when I was 14 and, after nine years of 'sailing with Dad' I was allowed to take a small boat out myself on a day cruise... I cruised around Hingham Bay, beaching my Cape Cod Mercury 16'r on Bumpkin Island with my PB&J and a container of lemonade from my mom for lunch and circumnavigating the whole bay, including running aground on a mussel covered shoal. I was boss of my boat, independent, self-reliant, a problem solver (how do I get this boat out of the mussel bed?). I fell in love. 8 years later, I got a paying gig teaching sailing in Annapolis, MD. That was the beginning of my sailing career. I moved to California, met Anthony and became his business partner at OCSC shortly thereafter. And, still, independence, self-reliance and problem solving are key parts to my love of the sport. Now, retired from ownership and CEO position, I teach sailing for fun, again, like I started out. I love teaching here - perfect location, motivated and mission oriented staff, well cared-for boats, curriculum honed to a precise level to maximize fun, learning and safety.

Favorite Sailing Books