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Growing up on the eastern coast of Australia you would think that I would have begun sailing at a very early age. Sadly, in the time of my youth, sailing in Australia was a rather exclusive and expensive pass-time and the circumstances of the time kept it beyond my reach. That's not to say that the passion I had for the water, adventure and travel were in any way dimminished. When the opportunity to learn to sail eventually came within reach I grabbed at it with both hands and have never since let go.

In my view sailing represents one of the few remaining activities melding of craft, art, and science into a single endeavour.

Since learning to sail in small dinghies I have had the opportunity to sail many boats in many locations, including the Baltic, the Carribean, the Pacific, and not to mention the Great Lakes. Some boats have been incredibly fast; some have been astonishingly slow, but they have all been great.

My family and I moved to California in 2004 and within 18 months we had our first boat here on the West Coast. Three years later we had our second; within another 12 months (with luck) we'll have our third boat, this one large enough to ply the great oceans of the world.

Sailing for me is a liberating and exhillarating activity. Opening the door to that exhillaration and freedom for others is a privilege; being able to do it at a club with the prestige of OCSC is an honor

Favorite Sailing Books

  • The Hornblower Series

    by C.S. Lewis

  • Sailing Alone Around the World

    by Joshua Slocum

  • Moby Dick

    by Herman Melville