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Many of you are familiar with the westerly summer wind machine we have in the Bay. But do you know about central California's microclimates? Do you know why Sacramento's tule fog is more dangerous than San Francisco summer fog? In this course, learn about the anatomy of a storm, how to predict Santa Ana conditions on the Bay, and other useful weather information.

Topics Covered:

  • How heat creates weather
  • San Francisco Bay's famous sea breeze
  • Refracting breeze around Angel Island and San Francisco city front
  • Mystery of the summer morning southerly advection fog (fog with wind)
  • Tule fog
  • Warm fronts and cold fronts
  • Using clouds and wind to predict the weather
  • Interpreting marine Web and radio forecasts
  • How the wind and water interact to make a variety of wave types
  • Bay microclimates: from sun to fog to sun again in 15 minutes!