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OCSC Sailing in the Press

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

The Skipper

"On San Francisco Bay winds regularly blow 25 knots and swirling tides create a chop that can turn even high-tech mega-yachts into floundering bathtub boats. This 400-square-mile inland sea has been called the Mount Everest of sailing - which makes it the perfect place for Anthony Sandberg to operate a sailing school..."

Diablo Magazine

Best of the East Bay

"It doesn’t take long for a sunny sail on San Francisco Bay to turn into a windy adventure. That’s why it’s nice to have Anthony Sandberg at the helm: The president and founder of the Berkeley-based OCSC Sailing club and school is as comfortable in blue skies, regaling novice sailors with old yarns, as he is guiding you safely back into port in near-zero visibility."

Practical Sailor Magazine

Best Sailing Schools in the United States

With hundreds of sailing schools throughout the United States—offering courses ranging from one-hour beginner lessons to weeklong offshore adventures—it’s hard to know which school to enroll in. Practical Sailor wanted to get the scoop from sailing school grads on their experiences and hear from industry professionals to determine what criteria prospective students should pay attention to when selecting a school.

The results confirm OCSC as an ideal setting for challenging your skills and building confidence, plus we came out on top of the national satisfaction ratings.

Yahoo News

Sail the City: Become an Urban Skipper

So at 44, I was ready to learn. OCSC's 50-boat fleet is manned by 40 instructors who have a reputation for being fun, friendly, and absolutely willing to put in the time until you feel competent and safe - and absolutely unwilling to sign off on your training until they are sure you are, too.

Bay Crossings

Teaching Kids the Power of Sailing

Anthony Sandberg has set a new goal; to offer the experience of sailing to hundreds of Oakland teenagers. We have chosen to work with Envision Academy of Arts and Technology, a tuition-free charter high school in Oakland. Bay Crossings got to spend an afternoon sailing with a group of Envision students.