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OCSC Sailing in the Press

Anthony Sandberg and Rich Jepsen, Founders of OCSC Sailing in 1980, second year of Building the club

Rich Jepsen Received the Timothea Larr Award

The US Sailing Award winners for 2017 were recognized Thursday night for their contributions to the sport of sailing in the United States. To celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals and organizations, US Sailing recognized them at the Sailing Leadership Forum in St. Pete Beach, Florida, hosted by the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort.

Rich Jepsen, former OCSC Sailing CEO, received the Timothea Larr Award for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of sailor education in the United States.

Perhaps no one has had a bigger impact on boating education nationally than Rich Jepsen. After serving as the chair of the commercial committee for two years he went on to serve as the chair of the training committee for 17 years and then as a member of the US Sailing Board of Directors in the late 1990’s, and again today. He also serves as a representative on the National Boating Safety Advisory Council, a group that provides direct advice to the US Coast Guard on a broad variety of safety matters.

Rich has been involved with every aspect of US Sailing’s training and educational programming and has helped craft the standards that are in place today. He has assisted with the development of US Sailing publications and worked tirelessly to ensure that technical components are easily digestible to the first-time sailor.

Jepsen has always played a major role in the National Sailing Programs Symposium (NSPS). He is constantly pushing staff and volunteers to do more while still being the consummate cheerleader and partner. From the way that awards are presented to the way the actual events are constructed, he knows how to challenge and support simultaneously.

Additionally, he has been involved in a significant number of search committees for US Sailing, including for multiple Training and Education Directors, and the current Youth and Adult Directors. He has mentored the staff, served as a mediator and sounding board, and helped ensure that the organization never loses sight of the most important asset that US Sailing has – the people.

Over his time with US Sailing, he has helped establish a culture of excellence within the organization and position it as a leader throughout the industry. He is a subject matter expert, and his work, both with US Sailing and on the National On-Water-Standards, has benefited both sailors and schools across the country. He has impacted thousands of sailors and through the legacy, he’s built he certainly will impact much more for years to come.

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

The Skipper

"On San Francisco Bay winds regularly blow 25 knots and swirling tides create a chop that can turn even high-tech mega-yachts into floundering bathtub boats. This 400-square-mile inland sea has been called the Mount Everest of sailing - which makes it the perfect place for Anthony Sandberg to operate a sailing school..."

Diablo Magazine

Best of the East Bay

"It doesn’t take long for a sunny sail on San Francisco Bay to turn into a windy adventure. That’s why it’s nice to have Anthony Sandberg at the helm: The president and founder of the Berkeley-based OCSC Sailing club and school is as comfortable in blue skies, regaling novice sailors with old yarns, as he is guiding you safely back into port in near-zero visibility."