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Advanced Bareboat Cruising

This course requires Bareboat Cruising

Sailing with confidence is what happens after a skipper obtains a robust set of sailing and seamanship skills. In larger cruising boats, the tricks are different than for smaller boats like J/24's – and the tricks elude many a sailor. Our Advanced Bareboat Cruising course offers you the opportunity to continue to grow and focus on areas that most skippers long to improve. This is a sailing course, but with a cruising emphasis. With coaching from a professional, you will expand your own comfort zone in ways that are sure to yield lasting results. Whether you’re cruising on San Francisco Bay, preparing for your next tropical Bareboat Charter or preparing for long-distance cruising, this course will help you develop some hard skills and understanding that will enhance cruising competence and inspire confidence. When Mother Nature serves up a curve ball, you'll feel ready to hit it out of the park.

  • Close quarter maneuvering techniques under sail and power

    You'll develop supreme confidence on big boats in tight spots.
  • Advanced spring line use

    Learn more warping techniques than a running stern spring.
  • Advanced anchoring techniques under sail and power

    Someday you'll be glad you have anchoring under sail in your quiver. Learn more warping techniques than a running stern spring.
  • Mediterranean-style mooring

    The most important skill for Mediterranean cruises and charters...and the most misunderstood.
  • Bahamian anchoring

    Completely control your swing radius without fouling your anchor rodes.
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  • Bow and stern anchoring techniques

    There's the right way and then the way that fouls the propeller.
  • Sailing to and from a mooring ball

    Very useful in Southern California if your engine dies on the way to Catalina!
  • Blindfolded sailing

    Feel the breeze, feel the motion of the boat, and listen for the luff of the sails.
  • Sailing under jib alone

    Done properly, this is a tremendous recovery skill when in tight spots with sails down.
  • Bare pole docking techniques

    It will surprise you how well a boat will sail without sails across the breeze.
  • Short tacking inside the marina

    A bigger boat might seem more impressive, but the skills are the same as for a J/24.
  • Sailing with the emergency tiller

    Learn its uses and its limitations because someday you'll need it.
  • Turbo Charge

    Sail larger yachts with more confidence by turbo-charging your Bareboat Cruising skills.
  • Engine Failure

    Stay in control when you have an engine failure and transform the engine into more of a convenience than a requirement.
  • Tight Maneuvers

    Employ the yacht's mass, momentum and turning radius in very tight quarters, under sail, to keep the boat safe and performing with style.
  • Use your senses

    Use all five senses to control your vessel more precisely and in tougher conditions.
  • 2
    2 Days

    Saturday and Sunday. 9am–5pm each day.

  • Topics

    The topics below are those most likely to be covered, and, in our experience, the most useful and interesting.  However, if there is a specific skill or scenario in which you are interested, and you don’t see it below, feel free to call and let us know.  We will see what we can do to accommodate your specific interest.

    • Clearing an Anchor Fouled at a Quay

    • Review of Individual Interests

    • Kedging Discussion

    • Advanced Sail Trim and Techniques

    • Various Close Quarters Sailing Maneuvers

    • Anchoring Review at Clipper Cove

    Possible Options:

    • Anchoring and Mooring Pick Up Under Sail

    • Short Tacking in the Marina

    • Sailing Under Jib Alone

    • Docking Under Sail Practice

    • Steering With Emergency Tiller

    • Downwind Dockings w/o Engine

    • Mediterranean Style Mooring

    • Blind Sailing