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    Basic Keelboat

    Our Basic Keelboat certification package is a comprehensive lifetime preparation course that is a place for participants to learn how to sail.

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    Advanced Bareboat Cruising

    Sailing with confidence is what happens after a skipper obtains a robust set of sailing and seamanship skills.

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    Night Sailing

    Sailing after dark requires a different set of skills. Night Sailing introduces you to the challenges and rewards of sailing at night!

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    Bareboat Cruising

    The greatest pleasure in sailing comes from the ability to participate. Fundamental skills are all you need to move forward!

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    Seamanship Under Sail

    In Seamanship Under Sail, you leave the outboard motor behind and learn how to get out of a tight bind under sail power.

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    Basic Cruising

    This course is designed specifically to prepare you to skipper a sailboat in the challenging conditions peculiar to San Francisco Bay.