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Boat Endorsement

Build your confidence and increase your boat library.  Each endorsement sail will go over the unique systems on the boat and will give you an opportunity to see how to sail, maneuver, and dock the boat.

OCSC’s Instructors will take you through the steps required to make controlled departures and dock arrivals, and walk you through the specifics of each vessel. 

The endorsement sail costs members $100 and is non-refundable.

  • Docking and Departing

  • Boat Systems

  • Unique Sailing Features

  • Reefing

  • Fridays and weekends.

    Endorsement sails are typically on Fridays and weekends. Call front office to check schedule.

  • Three Hour Lesson
  • Clearance to Charter Boat

    Upon Successful Completion of Endorsement Sail