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This course requires Bareboat Cruising

This course requires Navigation II

Do you have a variety of navigation equipment on your boat, but don't know how to use it? Do you have an upcoming vacation abroad, and want to ensure you can use the equipment to have a safe journey? If so, this class is for you. Learn the fundementals of Radar, GPS, course plotting, application use, and see it demonstrated on the bay.


    Introduction to RADAR includes basic function, common traps and errors and short comings.
  • GPS

    GPS and chart plotting.
  • Waypoint

    Creating and using waypoint, routes and tracks, CMG VMG adjusting for current.
  • On the Water

    Onto the Bay to see it in operation. Members rotate through matching radar images to what they see around them, using waypoints created in the AM.
  • Tracking

    Tracking and data feedback.
  • S
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  • Navigation Equipment

    You'll be working with Radars, GPS, and modern electronic navigation devices.

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    This course is designed specifically to prepare you to skipper a sailboat in the challenging conditions peculiar to San Francisco Bay.

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